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Say hello to Theo everyone! 

Theo is a rather simple minded dude. Often confused and forgetful but overall kindhearted.
That is when he has one.

Usually domesticated Ghouls would wind up in manual labour but not our Theo. With the help of the local community (and a certain bartender) he managed to fulfil his dream and open up his very own butchery with himself as the main supply. While his love for animals stops him from running a more successful business, every now and then he would get 'donations' from the local mafia, knowing the last thing he would do is be rude and do something silly like ask questions.

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I would love to see stories set inside this little universe

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Cant tell if she's scolding him for trying to sell kids eyeballs, or complaining about the price and I find that very humorous.

ssmasherdraws's avatar

your art gives me inspiration

Auradragon19's avatar
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God! I love your art soo sooo soooo much!!! You are incredible!!!!!


theo question would be to how their days are to the mafia and if they feeling bad try to help lighten their mood given his look.

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Why does the massive dude selling human body parts look so cutely innocent? Like, he either has a crush on the girl complaining about not getting an eyeball in exchange for her quarter or genuinely feels really bad she lost her quarter and is really embarrassed at the gumball machine's mechanical failure while politely waiting for her to stop venting her frustration so he can sincerely apologize.

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Wow- your work continues to both amaze, and inspire me. <3

I love the attention to detail!

This kinda reminds me of Dorohedoro

He looks like he has a crush

A kind and hard harted guy with a terrific store i would shop there

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The fact that he sells what is equivalent to human’s body parts as produce... are there werewolves in the district? Or other Ghouls perhaps? Who eats this? Because I doubt you’ll find a Kyromorph around those parts.
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His store is so scary, but he seems so sweet.

Love the multi colored straws and Tiny Umbrellas !

Sub comment: Support Local Butchers :)

even if you run off with their treat machine.....

mechatrain150's avatar

this art is on the level of bizarre and intriguing in the mix.

i like this kind of stuff on the spectrum for a whole new world kind of


StrawberryLemonadePi's avatar

I like theo

he seems nice

ClawSplash123's avatar

"Refreshing Summer Snack!" ah yes, i also like brain juice

Reddma's avatar

This looks cool

victorialampini's avatar

Did you see the reply I gave you on this page?

Sarl (Gift for Neytirix)
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Shoutout to that random grandma in the corner

MrBauar's avatar

Indeed, sister

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