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The Wiggles



'Alright Ladies and Gentlemen we're now down to the last of the Emmas! Will one of these two become lucky enough to replace our dearly departed fourth Son? Will we for the first time recieve a daughter? Stay tuned to find out!'
'Looks like the first of the two is approaching our Broodmother now! Will Dorothy accept the Rose or not? The anticipation is killing me! Or her! Hahaha-!'
'Drumroll please! Shes almost there!'
'Remember!' ALL EYES ARE ON YȌ͙͓͇͕̥̞͙̆̀Ụ̧̘͑͂ͣ͊


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Tools used >> SAI and Photoshop CC.
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Tasorius2's avatar

Make me want to create a real horror for the announcer and everyone involved with that place...

Nothing better for learn about details than watching a horror artist...

Its looks great honey!! Keep going! :meow::hug:

FatRocka64's avatar

looks super good! I like to see Resident Evil Village artwork too

softcoffebread's avatar

I'd love to see what you could do to Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends, theres so much to work with there, keep up the good work

DontBeConcerned's avatar

j e f f

w a k e u p j e f f

j e f f c a n y o u h e a r m e

Trotabosques's avatar
Miko2233's avatar

WOW! This is great

Robro69420's avatar

This is so Badass

ITS COOL but something wierd because robot had meat? or

its a fake robot

NatureRamuneBish's avatar

Perhaps it isn't a robot, maybe Dorothy was actually alive..

GrimContrarian's avatar

The intestines coming out of the hat and the bells having little legs are such great details, I love it.

dogislandpro's avatar

I just oddly want you to do Tinkerbell (ง •_•)ง

Dawnthewolf14's avatar

can you do BT21 :))

SpiritWolfeMoon's avatar

Oh my god the Wiggles was my childhood...

You drew it perfectly, are you sure you changed it? Cause I see no difference between it and the original media.

mossywings's avatar

This is fabulously horrifying

Lamingtonlemons's avatar

as an australian this very much slaps. the details are amazing!

JustRadioDuck12's avatar

as an aussie, i remember always watching them.

they're pretty nostalgic. also noice art!

WolfsharkCC's avatar

If you ever did a messed up version of Dragontales i'd be mindblown.

MOcultista's avatar

The video was really cool. The art was perfect!

OutlawFox13's avatar

Little did she know, she was about to be initiated into a dangerous assassination cult

WolfaSketch's avatar

*I don't think I watched the Wiggles growing up, but I'd definitely watch this version!!*

*Also, on YouTube I saw you had character sacrif-I mean- submissions open again on Twitter. Are you going to be opening them on here too?*

SpellboundFox's avatar

I'm not sure what Dorothy is supposed to be. Is she a cyborg? I see organs, but also metal plating.

webkilla's avatar

oh sweet jesus

zodiac36gold's avatar

I seriously don't remember this particular cartoon. I'm sorry. But it's still creeping me out.

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