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The Two Elders

This is my second entry for the HTTYD contest!! When I was drawing the first I couldn't get this idea out of my head with Gothi and the Bewilderbeast together~ They would make the most EPIC duo!
I was also super fun trying to make Gothi appear more badass instead of the fragile crazy cat/dragon lady she is in the trilogy~! 
Anyways hope you like it!!

Toothless omfg 

More HTTYD drawings I've done in the past >>  First Meeting (HTTYD) by Neytirix Afternoon Serenity by Neytirix

Tools used >> SAI and Photoshop CC.
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Oooh! I want to see this duo so badly now!

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i remember this episode edit upon further inspection this is not the ice dragon i thought it was

Pixlhaufen's avatar

This is the most epic pic I've ever seen :|

fnaf256's avatar

Dude! So f***ing cool!

SpicyBrownieMix's avatar
AHHHHH! Dude you got honorable mention! Great job <333
QAoA's avatar
Congratulations! :)
Kelaaiyer's avatar
wow, this is amazing and you definitely deserved honorable mention, if not higher!!
Sylveon17's avatar
You got an honorable mention!! Congrats!! You definitely deserve it!!
Any chance you recorded the process for a youtube video?? 
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!!! AH! THank you!!!
CookieHolderOwO's avatar
AAAAAAAA Yay congrats on honorable mention!! ^^ 
Neytirix's avatar
Thank you so much!!!
NightStorm02's avatar
Omg yeeeeeeees! I love how freaking beautifully detailed this wonderful masterpiece is!
Neytirix's avatar
Thank you very much!!
SlickClaw's avatar
Never knew how well these two would go together
Mayaohmu's avatar
Yooooooo this is awesome! I love the dramatic lighting, and altho I didn't notice them at first, when I saw the little birds it was like, ah, yes, he's HUGE (I'd forgotten) so yeah this is very cool ^^
DragonWriter664's avatar
This is honestly such an unusual pairing, but I love it!!
artconte's avatar
Cloverpumpkin's avatar
Oooo I love it so much
Abnormalion's avatar
at first glance the one on the left looks like oppa.
SwordSparks's avatar
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