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Redesigned OC's Part 13




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Tools used >> SAI and Photoshop CC.
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the first one is like a mix of ripoff charlie and tall vampire lady, i love it :3

SpeedyMushroom's avatar

Me shopping my friends my fav artist:

My friends: (•_•)

guerrero3110's avatar

wow. Spectacular works

KittyCrafterzz1233's avatar

They should put me too in the next part!

it's like a fantasy for kids and then reality for adults. which if any of you look up the original storie's from before Disney. The stories were a lot more darker then you would think. Like pinocchio who in the original story was hunged by the neck on the tree with no happy ending, it actually a more interesting story compared to disneys to be honest.

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This lego mech is epic

LittleSnaketail's avatar

I like how the robot one was originally Lego, but the redesign has more Bionicle energy. It's like it evolved.

Nocturn02's avatar

MY BEAN!!! Thanks Again for redesigning them!!! 💚💙

AbsborTheCat's avatar

those little hearts are so cute!

Seraphimart2's avatar

Woah, cool and awesome!

KythiiaTheHalfBreed's avatar

Your art looks like Innistrad. Consider me intrigued.

NineGates's avatar

First off, love the art, absolutely killer.

But that first 5 minutes bro, hot damn that was scary/awesome!

"the eyes." absolutely chilling.


Evodolka's avatar

. if hachishaku and Lady Demitrescu are anything to go off, then this girl will be popular :D

. it's like if a Gundam had Dawin from Gumballs face :XD:

. you nailed the expression, every cat pulls that face :D

. good lord that is quite the change, i do like the little dude waving hello, though, what a pleasant little fellow :wave:

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Oh my next load of awesome redesigns <3

KnockoutNorko87's avatar

Oh nevermind, there we have the true Optimus Crime bionicle 😄

beskr's avatar

Oooo, will you be doing more of these?

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