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Quick! He'll be back soon!

By Neytirix



This one took WAY longer than it should have!! 
Still have a drawing to finish that happened before this which some of you have seen from the livestream already hinthint

More drawings from the series >> 
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ยฉ 2019 - 2021 Neytirix
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This is one of my favorites that you've done. Your understanding of lighting and the smooth palettes you use are incredible, and the way you use those to such smooth scenes is great, and gives images like this one such a cozy feeling. I found you from youtube (stealing original characters was the title, I think) And am glad I did. This is beautiful. Thank you.

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Everybody's chillin till Gordan Ramsey walks in...

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Great Work ;) Can I use your arts as my profile picture or background? THX

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I love this drawing so much, but the book it distracts me so much XD
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OMG, I never noticed concil of beetroot XD
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Yay pinkie pie brought me hire sorry I’m not saying pewdiepie I like saying pinkie pie becose I thought the Pewdiepie x pinkie pie whould me funny
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I can has talking turnip? Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] Very cute and well imagined piece. I smile!

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THIS IS SO CUTE I'M. you know it's ever so rarely that my heart becomes melted putty in its thoracic cavity but you've gone and murdered me with the, legitly, cutest thing around this year.... such cuties... so soft... much love all around... And all the little details you put into it just make me want to roll around hugging a pillow and throwing it at the screen bcs how dare u... how dare u make something so cute <3 <3 <3

thank you for gracing my eyes with this!! i'll show it to my friends, defo!!
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Ahhh i love it it's so cute and cosy!
And i love the little septiceye sam hint :D
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aww, look at 'em Turnip Babies~!
Fisheyetheartist's avatar
he left them with a bunch of beets, its great
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O my gosh its upside down! The book! ♡♡♡♡
FenTheFennicFox's avatar
Aaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To much sweetness!!!!!!!!! I'm going to die!!!!!!!!!♡
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This is amazing <3
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I almost feel bad for the best root because of how cute they look
the beets are escaping!
awesome picture!!
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so cuteee!! I like it! 
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This is the cutest thing ever oh my gosh! The soft aesthetic, the storybook texture, the way you stylize each critter, I love it!
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