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Pest Control (Poppy Playtime Fanart)


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Look who's come to say hello! 
Gotta love Huggy Wuggy's design so I didn't change it too much. Only made him...slightly..bigger hehe-

OTHER PART >>  Got ya (Poppy Playtime Fanart) by Neytirix
Tools used >> SAI and Photoshop CC.
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HowAboutYouEatMe's avatar

Not as scarier as I had hope...

warhawk04's avatar

come at me bro

PerilSpore's avatar

Player really went full transformer though XD Awesome!

Kiwi-R's avatar

Just when I think he can't get scarier......

Withered141's avatar

Huggy! 😄 ..... Huggy? 😰

Evodolka's avatar

great work on the sense of anticipation as this thing gets ready for the door to fully open :D

OF711's avatar

I'M IN LOVE *---*

Daniloolinad's avatar

Now the question is, who's the pest? Phylosophical question, boom!

SpaceKowboy244's avatar

this looks so awesome omg ;-;

Korwynze's avatar
P4U1Q's avatar

You never fail to impress hahah

TheTubich's avatar
soulSmith1's avatar

bro! you got this.

reaivy's avatar

Why am I not surprised your a fan a Poppy Playtime, loving your take on the game. Now it seems I’ve got another reason to look forward to chapter 2 and more lore revels.

RedFoxWar10's avatar

This is SO GOOD!!

SuperBean24's avatar

oh my god i love your version of huggy so much

Blazingangel1214's avatar

Let's get ready to rumble!!!!!!

TheSpecktrickster's avatar

I'd watch this anime/play this JRPG lets doo this!

JustinRichardDX's avatar

I sense an epic battle.

Sir-Leximillion's avatar

Welp I'd die just by looking at that boi lol

SphagettiGremlin's avatar

Woah!! This is awesome : D

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