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Mountain Citadel

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My part of an AT with :iconheeshdraggie: !! <3
I really hope you like it!! :iconuguufaceplz:
Thank you so much for always writing such amazing comments on my artworks! They always inspire me and make me smile! :icongoingdownplz:

Their part >> Into the light (Arttrade)

SO about this picture~!!
I've always wanted to draw more buildings both of the interior and exterior however I am quite appalling when it comes to perspective and making them 'fit in' to my picture~
I thought the perfect way for me to get over this obstacle was to try out 3D modeling!! However I didn't know how to use it let alone which software to get..
Not only does it let you build both the interior and exterior its REALLY FUN TO USE!! :iconspazattackplz:  And it even has custom builds that others have made and then shared in the community!
So I thought I should give it a go! First I took a screenshot of a custom building (made by HattySims) and then painted over it! Even though it took a super long time I am SUPER happy with the results!! :icongrinstareplz:

Please tell me what you guys think!! <3
Heres the screenshot I took of the original building!! >> 07-02-16 7-54-37pm by Neytirix
Also check out HattySims Youtube channel where she does Sims 4 Speed Builds!! >>…

Please nuu using without permission~!! (c) Nuu
Tools used >> SAI and Photoshop CC.
My Youtube account >>…
My Tumblr account >>
My Twitter account >>
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Isa---chanHobbyist Artist
Arttrade still open?Birb intensifies Happy parrot 
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Love that dragon :o <3
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Set it as wallpaper! ^^I'M A BIRD - Icon Galaxy Cat [ICON2] Grunny Dance 
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LilBlueCupcakeHobbyist Digital Artist
this is to amazing ;-;
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Nice work dude. You never cease to amaze.
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FlyingMidniteHobbyist General Artist
OOOO this way of drawing backgrounds is awesome *O* It would really help people like me who suck at backgrounds/buildings XD
The buildings came out amazingly and blend into the drawing so well c; You should definitely be happy with how it came out <33
The dragon came out great as well ;D I juts love how you shade so much, it always looks so natural :la: Awesome sauce Ney 8D
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First thought when I saw this: "Nick Wylde in dragon form?"
Anyway, I've been absent from DeviantArt for the longest time, but you're doing just as awesome as ever.

You mentioned you're looking for 3D modeling software.
I've had friends recommend the following:

Not Free:
3DS Max
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dragonscalelolHobbyist Traditional Artist
Nvm but I might be quitting idk yet u wonna know why 
other people saying I'm coolering over someone else's stuf and I only did 2 it's not that big of a deal and the reason I'm tell u is become u the first person I met on here and u are so sweet hearted and I love u and I need a hug plz
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dragonscalelolHobbyist Traditional Artist
Neytrix can I talk to u plz in my comment thing 
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Miarath General Artist
Looks beautiful. :love:
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litle-dragonHobbyist General Artist
Oh god

She did it

It's not wonky at all!

But it's kind of cheating

But it's okay because in the end it looks great, though if you do these kinds of complicated shapes and geometry to get the exact color of every single face of the building is going to be a bitch. If you had done it on sketch up and had the picture, you could use the picture's colors to apply the shadows and stuff, but the sims buildings look like they aren't rendered well at all

Btw sketch-fab is a really cool place with 3d models that look nice

Gotta say though, I'm not used to seeing you draw the bg like this! XD
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NeytirixStudent Digital Artist
Aahah that thought crossed my mind too~ But in the end I thought screw it I have to learn from somewhere lol~

Hopefully you'll be seeing more! >:D

oh btw

just a heads up ur gonna have a fucking field-trip with one of my next pieces

lets just say its got something to do with premature cartoonized overhyped horses.

with a twist >:3
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litle-dragonHobbyist General Artist
Oh do patronize my love for pastel colored equines my dear neigh~ <3
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Skotadii Digital Artist
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh seriously why are you so frikkin amazinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg>sub>gggggggGgggggggggggggggggggggg
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FatelixeiHobbyist General Artist
Holy shit, that is amazing. I'm so jealous of your talent....
THEKIDWITHAKNIFEStudent General Artist
verreee coool 
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Ice-Cove27Hobbyist General Artist
The colors you choose for your drawings are amazing, they compliment each other really well. Something about them plus your aesthetic style is pleasing.
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Synthwave-SharkHobbyist General Artist
The little Intro you did for the video was really enjoyable ps this is quite pretty 
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Eli Shane Jawdrop/Awesome!  Wow! This  one looks amazing! Eli Shane Jawdrop/Awesome! 
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dragonscalelolHobbyist Traditional Artist
Drew u a Pokemon and pic and a dragon pic the Pokemon one has 2
the dragon is purple with a skull
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dragonscalelolHobbyist Traditional Artist
I also drew u a little something in my gallery and his name is waterskull
Hope u like and I drew a Pokemon one to for u it's the one with 2 Pokemon fighting
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dragonscalelolHobbyist Traditional Artist
Ney this is awesomely the best work you have done so far great job
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Brilliant!   :-)
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