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Marie and Steven

Don't they just look so happy together?
So so


What happened to them previously >>
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They try so hard. But you can not resist the redesign.😁

they look so cute! Please stop torturing them with your “redesigning“ thing. There are plenty OCs on the site.

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not every redesign is bad tho, not every one is torture. steven and marie were def tortured tho

Yeetus cleetus featus cheatus teachus cheesus this is the cutest thing I have ever seenus.

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I pray for you two's safety, I really do.

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Just saw your youtube vid on these two for the redesign, I'm new to the channel but love your vids, have a good day

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aww they look adorable I love them *gives them both a smooch on their little heads and hugs them*

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Señorita Ney, usted es diabolica.


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Awwwww, they are SO CUTE! :DD

reskin them >:)

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Aww they look so cute together

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Question, r u going to do another minecraft mob redesign, like a skeleton or a spider? just wondering.

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Too fucking cute! Must. PROTECT.

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I love these two characters! :D

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I sacrifice my character to you jorja the killer

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I find it cool how she can draw cute or creepy in the blink of an eye

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Still a better love story than twilight

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I'm glad to see this joke hasn't died yet

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