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Let's go together... (Zootopia Fan-comic)

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Whats sadder than Judy dying?


*Goes off to draw a happy one* :icongrinstareplz: 

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Please nuu using without permission~!! (c) Nuu
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She was cold, so cold. Still she reached for him. Her partner, her love. "N-n-ni-nick... its over... it's..."

His body shifts limps against her grip, his head hangs limp and unmoving. Her eyes widen in horror. She'd seen him get hit. She'd hoped his vest would protect him. Even as she'd felt her own vest fail. she'd prayed for him, for her fox to survive this.

But now... 

She groaned weakly. "Nick... im right here. I'm... by right... here... always... with you... al...ways..."

It was true. She was always with him. Everyday, every hour, every minute; it was spent with him. She loved him. She'd known it for months but never said anything to him. She loved him. But now...

She slipped sideways, her head coming ti rest against his shoulder.


His voice was so weak and soft. She stired weakly. Her vission fading as she tried to hear him. "I... i... love.... y-you... b- be... w-w-waiting... on the... other... s-s-si-"

She lay against him gently. "Love... t-too n-ni-nick... a-a-alw-always... to-to-together..."

She felt tears trickle down her face. She knew he'd wait for her.  He always did. They were always together. She just.... she wished they didnt have to do this together. She wished... they could have... stayed together... rather than... go together.
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SlasH19872018Hobbyist Artist
Sorry, you shot first, it was only a matter of time after what you did to me... See ya in hell
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Aw, this is so beautiful
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NeytirixStudent Digital Artist
Thank you!
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Question Neytrix why do you always hit me in the feels?
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SJF-PenguinHobbyist Writer
It's sad, yet it's beautiful how they could be together at the end.
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SJF-PenguinHobbyist Writer
Me or the artist?

I guess I could say that my comment hits in the feels because the comic hit me in the feels.
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I actually didnt know I replyed to your comment.
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well...there goes my heart...wont be needing this anymore haha....
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This is so sad. (⌯˃̶᷄ ﹏ ˂̶᷄⌯)゚
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I cant deal with zootopia sadness for some reason... I can deal with it in any other story or media of any type but zootopia sadness messes me up.

I remember the last time i ever dived into any sad zootopia stuff... it was a fic i read like a year or more ago... It was about nick and judy on a huge case where the entire city was in danger... and how they fell in love during it. I forget the premise exactly but the only way to save the city was for judy to turn back time and with her being the only person with memories of the future she is to go stop it from even beginning in the first place. So in her 9 year old form she realizes that the person is insane even back then and there is no way of stopping him other than killing him... She kills him and being judy hopps turns her self in and spends the next 15 years in prison. She gets out, cant get a job because shes a convicted murder, her family disowns her, nick doesnt know her, so the only choice she has at surviving is... prostitution, for 5 years she gets by and finally lands a proper job for a year or so until her identity is found out and she is fired. At the end of her mental rope she runs off into the night and unconsciously seeks out the only person on her mind. Nick. She sees him standing in the rain and hides behind a dumpster steadying her self. But before she can muster the courage to make contact she sees a female fox carrying a young child approach him. The 2 kiss and the reality of the situation hits her (Nick is happily married with a family) and she snaps. Soaked to the bone she runs through the rain as fast as she could, she runs and runs until she runs out of gas as she enters tundra town. Exhausted mentally and physically she takes off all her clothes and while soaking wet, lies down in a pile of snow and gives up. No energy left to move or even cry she just lets the cold and darkness take her while she whispers "i... love you... nick... for...ever." over and over. A thin street cop version of clawhouser finds her body a few weeks later melting out of the snow and calls it in. 

This story synopsis is VASTLY shortened ... the actual story is hundreds of thousands of words long. and spanned many chapters with different arcs. So when i spent a week reading it and got to the end that shit tore me up. I mean it MESSED ME UP for WEEKS! to the point where i had to swear off sad and angst in my zootopia diet. And for the life of me i cant remember the name of that fic ... i think its my brain trying to block it out to protect me.
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Than you need to read my story "The broken fox" I started to write.

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TheFrommie86Hobbyist Writer

Where I find it?

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On my acount, my first story as a author under journals.

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d0lf1nluv3rHobbyist General Artist
Was it on AO3? If you ever remember the title or the author, I’d like to check it out.
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Why do i do this to my self ... sigh because of you i went on an hour long search... I found the pic that lead me to the fic in the first place 
here: Amethyst Tears (Debts Unpaid - A Zootopia Story)
Then it lead me to the fic its self
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d0lf1nluv3rHobbyist General Artist
I didn't think you'd actually go looking for it...
I'm so terribly sorry you opened old wounds to find that story for me.

I've read one or two sad WildeHopps one-shots, but never a full-length fic.
Even your summary of the story is heart-wrenching.
Before you found the story, I wasn't sure If I could handle it.
But I'd hate for your efforts to be in vain, so I'll just bite the bullet and pace myself.Deep breath 
Good thing most of my fanfic bookmarks are fluffy... I'm gonna need them.
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Dont worry about it lol. But to each their own. Meaning it may not be that bad for you... it just hit me hard, for all i know you could roll your eyes at it. For example my favorite zootopia fic of all time is "A different path". I find it thoroughly entertaining even the dark parts. Yet others find it too dark and thats why its not as popular as other fics of its caliber 
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d0lf1nluv3rHobbyist General Artist
This is one of my favourites. It's an ongoing fic, but I think it's almost finished. I'm looking forward to part 3.
It's really suspenseful, pretty dark at parts, but bearable enough for me.
In the Sanguine Shadow - SilverStripes - Zootopia (2016) [Archive of Our Own]
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I think "its a fox thing" was on my list of things to read after "zootopia firewatch" that was till my eyes went kaput lol cant read much anymore sadly :'(
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tus dibujos son tan fatalistas... y a pesar de eso me encantan, tal vez por lo mórbido de la situación? no se, me agrada el drama que expresan tus fanart
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rene-a995Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i felt so sad, but then your description of your evil laugh made me laugh i almost feel heartless! Spit Laugh Flash - Icon 
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