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Just cut, peel, stick and seal!

Imagine everything you can do with the power of Flex Ta̵̅͂ṕ̴̋͑̎͝ė̸̛̥̮̱̖́̓̂̂!

Steven and Marie >>  Marie and Steven by Neytirix

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This is perfect. It’s just amazing😂. Those poor OCs though.😁they’ve been through so much.

lexxysaint's avatar

no more running away

Oblivatrixon's avatar

The only way to deal with children

Everythingman008's avatar

this reminds me of those aliens in invader zim that just tape people together thinking its fusion science xD

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SamWammNematoidTakin's avatar

Take it from one trouble to another...

You have crossed a boundary in a rather foolish manner.

Be ready.

MarvelTheSpaceWing's avatar

You should become a Flex Seal sponsor

MarvelTheSpaceWing's avatar

Hey Phil Swift WHERE ARE YOU!?!?!?

Trotabosques's avatar

¿Qué tienes pensado hacerles?


ImDarkFruitUwU's avatar

since you have them tied so you can cook them :>

Herobrine1087's avatar

danm that just escape fate can they

komatii's avatar

hopefully they dont escape

werelightshine's avatar

I've seen the videos bruh. I hope they do. I really, truly, sincerely hope they do.

Because to face Neytirix they will both truly need to be- *Invincible Theme*

komatii's avatar

lmao ive sent a oc or two her way, mainly bc i wanted to redesign but had no idea what to do

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duchess6667's avatar

how do you report someone? There is some in the comments posting unsafe links.

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railfanclippings's avatar

Flex tape, use it on everything! Even furry creatures!

thepacificrocean's avatar

hey neytirix here with flex tape .Look at the superior power of flex tape ,It can even hold rowdy monsters

Draco677's avatar

I must say... I am very concerned for the little cuties.

KOTLCSummer's avatar

all i can say is


AngieOk's avatar

Are they actually sacrificed OCs from your fans' redesign uploads, or are they your own OCs?

I wanna know for FanArt purposes

AmethystSeaWing's avatar

They're her own OCs that she created for this series. Marie has actually already been redesigned ^^

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