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Welcome to the club Ney, no ice uh eyes for me too atm.

FlaK96's avatar

Damn I'm broken and happy. :3

DerpSansPro's avatar

Reminds me of that one Shel Silverstein poem where there’s an eye in the gumball machine and it keeps giving the narrator dirty looks whenever he goes to get a gumball

hyperbeam33's avatar


Brydav's avatar

Imagine if you were to tap on the glass and all the eyeballs would look at you.

Oh no. BENSON!!!

InfoInternet13's avatar

Well convicted cannibals have said that the eyes are the tastiest part of the human body

SpoopyPumpkin360's avatar

is that... is that from mr smily face or smth (plz dont look that up if you don't know wut it is)

CountryballArtist's avatar

no. it shows that the soviet union is broken. its nothing got to do with smiley faces

SpoopyPumpkin360's avatar

Im so sorry >////<

im such an idiot lol

CountryballArtist's avatar

its fine your not :)

jackkhang243's avatar

why you like eyes btw?

Hexidextrous's avatar
I bet they’re just super balls designed to look like eyes.
Tnynfox's avatar
Vague SCP vibes
FlurryFoxxd's avatar
The glitch effect makes ur art amazing as always
ArtisticDad's avatar

amazing as always

Kara1i's avatar
Dang its broken :pensive:
Kara1i's avatar
DA r e a l l y gotta do me in like that
Sanstheskullhead16's avatar
Turn me back to normal OR YOU'RE FIRED!!!
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