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Second fanart from the vid! This ones for IYENSS !  
Tools used >> SAI and Photoshop CC.
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El profesor membrana...

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I saw the video for this and squealed like no one's business. XD This is so cool!

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looks BRILLIANT :la:

love the pose and design so much, that blade in particular looks dope

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Wow, I really am a sucker for bold art like this that only uses a single hue (especially when it's red), and it is awesome.

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This looks epic

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Yo, Professor Membrain got that drip.

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My immediate thought as well

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Yo what. This is insane

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simply fire!

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Is very good :)

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he reminds me of Sketcher game protag

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This is awesome.

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Fantastic work, love the the shading. Great work


amazing picture!!

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