I paid last time!!
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Told ya I was gonna do another one!! :iconuguufaceplz:

This time I got 
'A centaur at McDonald's during an alternative history'
I wasn't too sure how to interpret the alternative history part so I just tried to made it seem like centaurs have always been apart of normal society~ :iconcannotevenplz:


The other one I did for this Fanart Mashup Challenge >>  The Joker as a stereotypical millennial by Neytirix

Please no using without permission/proper credit~! (c) Nuu
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Comments (53)
lynx318's avatar
Centaur eating possible horse meat burgers...shudder.
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RainbowHeartburst's avatar
RainbowHeartburst|Hobbyist General Artist
The cashier's face is priceless
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ThatNightmareNyxilis's avatar
I was looking at this one again and I just like the way the centaur was done. Modern twist, some fashion to it, and lanky.
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Neytirix's avatar
Neytirix|Student Digital Artist
Thank you so much!! :D
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CobraCatDragon2898's avatar
CobraCatDragon2898|Student Digital Artist
Awesome job! I just love their expressions!
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Miarath's avatar
Miarath| General Artist
Looks cool!
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wswedin's avatar
I would love a comic series with centaurs as badass as this one.
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GyraFlight's avatar
GyraFlight|Student Digital Artist
Heart :happybounce: Nice!  Clap 
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CocoaPOPcorn's avatar
CocoaPOPcorn|Student Digital Artist
one normal day....

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SapphireCove's avatar
The first thing I thought about when looking at this drawing was "Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou". Yeah, I watch weird anime
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CowCowMcSparkleFart's avatar
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DeadDancers's avatar
DeadDancers|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh my GAWD I love the checkout chick's face.
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AddieandBrighty's avatar
AddieandBrighty|Hobbyist Digital Artist
The lady working there looks so fed up.
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RebelScumWoman77's avatar
RebelScumWoman77|Student General Artist
Coolest centaur ever and I'm a Sagittarius rising :D  

At first I thought the dude with all the tattoos was the anime character that is the personification of England because they do alternative history in that anime, but then theres way too much of him on here.

It seems like a lot Mc Donald's employees really hate their jobs. 
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CookieGirl330's avatar
CookieGirl330|Hobbyist General Artist
why does the centaur look cute help
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LimpSeatBelt's avatar
LimpSeatBelt|Hobbyist General Artist
I mean, the centaur could just kick him RIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHT?
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Pyreite's avatar
Pyreite|Hobbyist General Artist
LOL.  The cashier looks like she's thinking - 'Really?  You're going to argue like a pair of kids in front of my checkout?  I don't get paid enough for this crap'.  Awesome.  Love the centaur.
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Linked-Sketches's avatar
Linked-Sketches|Student Traditional Artist
cute ;P 
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Kawaii-Plushtrap's avatar
Kawaii-Plushtrap|Student Traditional Artist
i love centuars holy  h e c c-
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TraitorsMasquerade's avatar
that poor employee, though

"why do i always get the long faces..."
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LupineIndigo's avatar
LupineIndigo|Hobbyist General Artist
i love how the mcdonald's employee is just like - _ - "i dont get paid enough for this"
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ImperfectMia's avatar
OMG! This is a master piece!! LOLOLOL
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it's going to take a lot of salads to fill that stomach!!
great picture!
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