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Guard it well okay?



I was too slow in finishing this one lol
Apparently Felix has now built a church in Watersheep's honour.



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this made me...happy. I don't understand why. There is like, this warm feeling in my heart. I thank you.

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This is so cute :] definitly going to favorite it

aw sad that they’re used for their body parts😁would be a shame if people mad farms to kill them
I fucking adore this.  More than mere words can convey.
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Feels relaxing. Thank you for this art.

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This looks amazing.
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Okay. But if anyone comes by and asks nicely with please. I gotta let them drink the water.
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Best fanart I have seen of Pewds I have seen, so beautiful ^^ 
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seen this on meme review!!
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this is my new wallpaper
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I love how they wear buckets as helmets
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omg that´s sooo cute ...and beautiful ...and epic at the same time *_*
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haha thank you!
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Amazing! The light is beautiful

*furiously re textures my iron Golems to look like this*

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Lovely, cute guard and overall picture.
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omg everything in this drawing is so cute!!
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Annapantsu sent me to this gorgeous art, I'm not even a Minecraft fan but seeing these lovely little sheep in this gorgeous tranquil forrest is bliss.

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That's awesome!
Thank you!!
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This is so cute, I love it!

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