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Got ya (Poppy Playtime Fanart)


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Awww look they're holding hands-

OTHER PART >>  Pest Control (Poppy Playtime Fanart) by Neytirix
Tools used >> SAI and Photoshop CC.
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Foxy60853's avatar

His hands make me a piss

TheInflationRider's avatar

you can upgrade a grabpack?

Scypizowa's avatar

I saw the speed paint. this is an incredible piece of art!

starry-p's avatar

This is so badass I love it

joseph337's avatar

This is one creepy ass character

Tnynfox's avatar

Tau looking rifle

lucy12llkl's avatar

I love it, it looks amazing, but I would love to see a Phineas and Ferb fanart

FidgetAwes0meSauce's avatar

I ADORE how you do lighting

Maze-Eye's avatar

How did I know before I ever looked up your gallery that you would be drawing Poppy Playtime fanart. =D This looks horrifyingly good. It's a great new horror game, isn't it. I had a nightmare about HuggyWuggy the other night. That just tells you this game really is getting under people's skin, much like FNAF did.

temporarycontac's avatar

Since everyone is putting in their own knockoff Dule Nukem quotes, I’ll just add mine here: “Satan wants his hug, bitch.”

ShadowReombarth's avatar

I'm gonna be honest here when I first looked at it I thought the gun was coming from their crotch

Abigstar620's avatar

Aw it’s the skrunkly

Quithittigo's avatar

a fair fight if I've ever seen one.

temporarycontac's avatar

Fair fight? Huggy is 100% organic material, his head would be hollowed out in one shot

Quithittigo's avatar

you know who else is 100% organic material? Freddy and Jason. Horror characters never stay dead when shot.

temporarycontac's avatar

That’s why magazines have more than one round

Quithittigo's avatar

I said "dead when shot" not "dead when shot with just one round".

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GO MAN GO!!!!!! WIPE THAT SMILE OFF HIS FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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