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October 24, 2016
Flutterdie - One with Nature (MLP) by Neytirix is a unique take on this character, with especial attention to detail in the more reptilian elements. 
Featured by Lyricanna
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Flutterdie - One with Nature (MLP)

EDIT: AHH WHAT A DD???? THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE!!! <3 <3 :iconpapcryplz:


You guys wanted to see MY take on the My Little Pony characters so here they are~! :iconeweplz:

First one in the mini series.. Flutterdie!! 
What better way to express her love for animals then to sew bits of them onto her? :icongrinstareplz:


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Please nuu using without permission~!! (c) Nuu
Tools used >> SAI and Photoshop CS6.
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why, why did you make her cuter, she was already too cute, now no one can be cute but her, you doomed us all X3

Fantasia-7's avatar

We become.

We must be one.

You think I'm shy?

You might as well die.

ilvbrownies's avatar

good god this is beautiful and yet so horrifying at the same time

WingedkatB's avatar

It's like if Discord merged with Fluttershy and it became cool.

ShosuShinokura's avatar


Edit: Nvm

ItzyGlitzy's avatar

This is my favourite one out of your MLP redesigns, she looks like a badass and I love it!

Aurora-dreamer's avatar

okay but why would this be a dope design for gen 5 fluttershy? or at least her gen 5 counterpart

Ima take insperation from

Dekuto300's avatar
SophieDEX's avatar

People its badass flutter :DDD

Love ahhhhhhhhhh! Dying help....

pinkiemani's avatar

wow its does look like they shiped doiscord and fluttershy!

NineTailedSkele-Fox's avatar

Hey! Now you can ship her with Discord and they’ll match!

BluePotatoChips101's avatar
Heyy,i watch your channel,i enjoy your videos!keep it up,Neytirix!
zeke3326's avatar

thats one way i guess to become one with nature

Iybran's avatar

Saw this shared on Facebook. Had to come fave the original. I love the idea behind it too.

ChocolateFlamingo's avatar

Fluttershy looks the least in pain/demonic out of the 6 of them

rex8000's avatar
wow...... fluttershy looks like someone that could kick me arse if i pissed them off yet also still looks pretty and regal
JackDylanPetrovic's avatar
What exactly does this say about me if I still find this cute as hell?
ReasonIDrink's avatar
I cannot place my finger on why I love this, but I really do
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