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Been desperately wanting to draw more of my world lately~! Actually got inspiration from Beatsaber again! (Shown in the video) 
Hope you enjoy!!


Only occurring once every 4 years, The Duriian Race is considered the most renowned
racing event in the entire Northen Quarter.

There were several reasons for this with the main being the harsh rules that were enforced upon the racers both on and off the track which was usually unheard of.
Foul play and duelling was prohibited on the track. This meant that the racers could focus entirely on their horsepower instead of also having to take defence and offence into account.

The name of the race came to be because even though it was open to all species, only the Duriians would end up competing, for they were unmatched when it came to their natural agility and stamina.

Even though The Duriian Race is know for its plethora of rules and regulations, there was only one regarding the enhancement percentage. As long as the head and 70% of the rear legs was organic, it was acceptable. This sadly led to the competitors decimating their natural bodies in almost desperate attempts to gain the upper hand. Over time this caused the already rare Duriian species, to becoming practically extinct.

Now, there are only two Duriians left, the siblings Evtaria (01) and Ruthrec (02). Even though other species can finally compete, still no one has ever come close to beating these two relics.

The sibling's enhancements have allowed them to live past the natural Duriian lifespan, however, with their bodies so heavily modified, it would mean instant death if their core enhancements stopped running. This sadly also means that should one of them ever loose, they'd also loose their lives for the maintenance of their cores is only possible because of their championship status.

While the siblings would now consider this an easy way out, they continue on, terrified of the thought of one of them being without the other.

More drawings from my world >>  Attaching the nerves now. by Neytirix CAN WE KEEP IT? by Neytirix Dasek Reference UPDATED by Neytirix Hurry up you two! by Neytirix Nei Reference by Neytirix Im gonna win by Neytirix

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Gee. Is it just me, or do steampunk worlds rely too much on gas.

Smoke blows everywhere in steampunk worlds!

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So did every Duriian got involved in these races and the cybernetic enhancement therein? Did none of them want to become a chef or something?

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reminds me of Dragon Booster

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i think i've realized why i love your dragon design so much. it reminds me of Made in Abyss.

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Dude samee, It also reminds me of made in abyss

SpoopyPumpkin360's avatar

i cant stop thinking of 0peppermint by Jack Staber whenever I look at this lol


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It strikes me how the backstory behind this awesome artwork is very touching and philosophical. Very well written!

Pigodon's avatar

I see that way too, But I find it a little more sad that the racers 01 & 02 are the last of their kind & they can't quit because they'll be killing themselves.:stare:

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~ kind of reminds of a Syd Mead one( do;nt recall title ) ~

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Oh, it's so incredible idea :0

Skullb0nes's avatar

Omg yes, that looks so dang cute and wholesome

so, formula 1. the rules and regulations sound exacly like formula1. as a F1 fan it would be nice if the siblings were not on differant teams, instead have them on the same team. You know like formula 1. So that means that they might have a very strict diet, and inorder to race, All of the racers have to go through the Qulifing round.

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this is so beautiful!! :clap: love the dynamics and of course your characters!!

Soulslayer317's avatar

Like how they look as if they were racing cars with the colours for each one

darkervibrancy's avatar

...I can’t get over the dragon in the corner with the hat smushed on his horn.

Firedrag0ndraws's avatar

You should do some art of these two before they got all their enhancement- I’m curious what they look like without all the crazy tech

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Just wanna say the whole worldbuilding is amazing!

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is there a Duriian ref?

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Ah I'm afraid not atm!

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Awww. Give her an autograph! She deserves one!

Or he!

This is badass and I wanna read more about them!

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also lowkey reminds me of dragon boosters! 
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