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So recently in Aus my area experienced the worst hail storm in its history. House/windows/car smashed. But the worst was the wildlife. 
This drawing represents all the birds I managed to get to the vet in time. 7 cockatoos, 1 little Corella and 1 young magpie. The rest that I came across that didn't make it are represented by the little blue flowers called 
forget-me-nots. Thought it was fitting.

The video shows VERY wounded animals so please be warned. I give warning again when it comes up and also know that I only showed the ones that made it.

I know this is super different to my usual stuff, but just wanted to draw something to remember them by I suppose~ 
Hope everyone's good!

Please no using without permission/proper credit (c)
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aww ... well atleast some survived the hail storm

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"b o o t i f u l"

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I love this sooooo much. Is there anywhere I can buy this as a print? I'd love to add it to our birb art wall.

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Can I use this for my computer background?

It's so perfect and I love the birbs

Of course if anyone asks about the background I will say that you did the art, and reccomend your channel.

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That video was released a day or 2 after a hail storm in Canberra, so you where in Canberra for a bit?

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Aww the poor birbs. So glad at least these little guys survived :')

This is my new desktop wallpaper now. More power to you guys in Australia who have to take the brunt of nature's insane temper tantrum.

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i saw the video and was almost cring. i hope you and everyone you love is ok. i hope everything goes fine for you and everyone. ill be praying

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This is great i dont remember a hail storm tho what state was it in?

Good on you for saving those birds!:iloveaus:

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One happened in Canberra around the time of this video

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yeah i'm Canberrian so

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Aw! what happen that day was really sad good thing they survived!

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This one and the cat town art are my favorite ❤❤❤

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birbs. Sad smol bird TmT

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What that bird wouldn't give to be with those gentle giants.^^

🖤 I Absolutely Love This Art Work !

🖤 Your Art Work Has Been Featured On My YouTube Channel !!

🖤 Check It Out :

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sweet little birdos ;w;
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I didn't know you're Australian. I feel sorry for you, that must be a horrible situation, especially when you feel with animals. Thank you for saving all these birds' lifes. I love how the picture is still hopeful.

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