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Vivace - Flame Thrower

Another Grade Zed series drawing ~
This one of my human OC, Vivace.

Vivace is from my story, Grade Zed, which is placed in a high futuristic setting where VR games are the normal entertainment.

Vivace is, more than her in-game name suggests, a fiery and sarcastic teenager who enjoys playing Grade Zed, an online multiplayer melee game where the "Contenders" are tasked to "Execute" other players either in solo or team mode. She prefers playing in teams and is the second member to join Capriccio's.

Vivace's in-game ability is known as Flame Thrower, an offensive skill that literally allows her to throw fire at her opponents. Her other abilities include Heat immunity, rapid regeneration, and controlling fire. A pair of fire wheels are her choice of weapon.

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I feel like my girl characters are a bit boyish and male characters a bit girly ugghh....
It was my first time drawing fire in this style. Proved to be fun!

Paper size: Letter
Tools: Mechanical pencil. Led pencil. Ruler. Paint.NET
Inspirations: Durarara!!
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Love it! The lines and paper background thing sort of fits the theme. The fire should look solid but the whole image comes together to make it look quite intimidating. Nice work there Neysun!
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Thank you! I considered shading in the fire, but was wary of led smudging. I'll try it next time and see how it comes out!
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Haha at your own risk! It did work out here though for sure