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Pain is needed to know love...
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Heads up, y'all are going to see my Kaiju Design Pages as notifications since I'm going to type out the notes on the pages into the description of the deviations. This is in hopes to better allow y'all into my mind and reasoning behind these kaiju and to make them more interesting by transcribing the info to be more readily available. Cheers.
What should be the next weapon I work on for the Trinity? -Automatic Rifle -LMG -MMG -HMG -Shotgun -Improved Bolt-action Rifle
Finished my Valentine's Day card after about 3-4 hours of work on it. Thank goodness.
Time to start my WWII themed Valentine's Day card.
Just searched for 'Trinity Trooper' under Google Images, and the 1st result is one of my drawings. It feels weird to look up something you've created.