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T4A2 Arlington Light Tank

By NeyoWargear
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Name: T4A2 Arlington Light Tank
Armament: T2A3 1in/25.4mm L/96 Automatic Anti-Tank Mounted Rifle x2, T1 0.3in MG, T1 0.5in HMG
Armor: 3in/76.2mm to 1in/25.4mm 
Hull: 2+0.5in/1.5in/1in
Turret: 2.5+0.5in/2in/2in
Weight: 17.3 tons
Crew Size: 4 (Driver, Co-Driver, Gunner, Commander/Loader)
Top Speed: 40MPH
Engine Strength: 290HP
A new turret was designed for the T4A2 Arlington LT which mounted dual T2A3 1in L/96 Automatic Anti-Tank Mounted Rifles and to better accommodate the belt fed loading system it utilized. An infrared (IR) night-vision device (NVD), T1 Night-Vision Device, was mounted to the cupola turret made up of an IR spotlight and image converter. Tankers were also issued night-vision goggles (NVG), the T1 Tanker Night-Vision Goggle, for night time operations. A two axis gyrostabilizer and high speed reverse transmission were introduced in the T4A1 Arlington LT which originated in the T2A1 Arlington Heavy Tank.

The tank is painted in a 3 tone winter camouflage pattern and seems to have been nicknamed by its crew as 'Burning Sky'. The single zweihander on the turret left cheek means that Burning Sky has claimed 1 kill while the 4 shields means this vehicle has claimed swatting down four planes.

The fifteenth variant of an arms race with fellow artists.

Inspirations: M2A4 Light Tank, M3A3 Stuart LT, M5A1 Stuart LT, Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. F, Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. L, Crusader AA Mk. II


Part of an arms race with these 6 lads: TinkerTanker44432, TheoComm, GrimBeans, JohnFBriggsCordians, Chaos-Craft999, and spm1082.………

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Canon MG2500 series
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Oct 31, 2020, 2:47:13 AM
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