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Object  T34 Heavy Tank
Wanting greater firepower in American tanks, the Ordnance Department in early 1945 looked to converting a 120mm antiaircraft gun into an anti-armor capability. 120mm Gun T53 and had a muzzle velocity of 3150ft/s with a 50lb solid shot and 4100ft/s with HVAP (Hypervelocity Armor Piercing). 17 May 1945, OCM 27662 recommended that two of the T30 Heavy Tanks be armed with a 120mm gun and re-designated as Heavy Tank T34. This action was approved on 31 May [1945].

The T29, T30, and T34 heavy tanks were all going to be equipped with a Ford GAC engine, but after V-J Day the T30 HT was going to test the Continental AV-1790 engine. 7 November 1946, OCM 31202 recommended the T34 pilots should also use the Continental engine instead of a modified Allison V-1710 aircraft engine.

The T34 Heavy Tank's T53 120mm Gun required 4 inches of solid steel to be welded onto the rear of the turret as a counterweight. The T53 120mm Gun used two-piece ammunition and the total round weighed 100lb. Each piece weighed 50lb and required two loaders.

Testing of the T34 Heavy Tank occurred both at Aberdeen Proving Ground and Fort Knox that test firing caused dangerous amounts of smoke and carbon monoxide within the turret. Flarebacks also hospitalized at least two men at Fort Knox and several others lost their eyebrows and hair there and at Aberdeen. The flarebacks were caused by unburnt powder gases in the gun tube being sucked back into the turret due to the cartridge case being ejected from the cannon breech. The flash resulted from the hot gases mixing with the oxygen in the turret. To prevent flarebacks, a bore scavenging system was installed and this caused bore excavators to become standard on American tank guns.
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