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Kaiju Design Page 20 - Perdition

By NeyoWargear
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Finally gave the rival of Ouvolk a full body drawing.

/Name Meaning:
'lost' or 'a perishing destruction'
/Physical Characteristics:
Height: 700ft
Weight: 185,000 tons
Pit/fossa (from pit viper)
Heat sensing organ, allows hunting in total darkness or obscuration from breath weapon
Miasma breath of carbon monoxide w/ carbon particles to give black smoke look.
CO2-induced panic, due to inhalation & diluted liquid form found in venom.
Miasma: Greek, 'stain, pollution, defilement, taint of guilt'
"        ": Modern Latin, 'noxious vapors'
Heads: Dominant, Secondary x2, Manipulative x2, Tail x2
Perdition's nervous system is incredibly complex, where it has seven brains, one in each head, while the most localized one is in the hooded, dominant head as its neurons are chained from brain to brain. Akin to an octopus's nervous system.
Known as the Catalyst amongst the Adomai/Adomaite Empire. Caused reform amongst the Empire. Psionics was pursued as a control method that became common for upcoming generations. Psionic receivers were installed in new kaiju to prevent another cataclysm caused by Perdition and Ouvolk.
Manipulative, double split jaw.
Snake study.
1st cobra study.
2nd cobra study.
3rd cobra study.
4th cobra study.
5th cobra study, stubbier, more angled face.
6th cobra study.
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3300x2550px 2.73 MB
Canon MG2500 series
Date Taken
Nov 5, 2020, 7:11:07 PM
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Awesome kaiju design!

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