597. Raped Innocence

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By NeyoWargear
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December 15th, 2020



You see the bleak gallows

As crows and ravens

Council together

To discuss omens.

Strange fruit hang

From those weathered branches.

Eerily keeping an eternal watch

Of the creeping dark.

Scattered lie black feathers

As more dance in the wind

Forming half recognized

And distorted memories.

The water flows quietly

Yet is impure,

Grey and black

As ashes are disturbed.

Embers dance amongst

Those cast off feathers

As they catch fire

And disintegrate before thee.

And so the ashes glide

Before dropping and sinking,

Drowning into that

Murky flow.

Adding to the sediment

Of what once was and is,

Yet not fully understood,

Nor can they be.

The chorus of the crows

And ratchet of the ravens

Interweave and a song

Descends upon you.

It flies into your heart

Without regard for its weakness

And so one must continue

To walk that watery path.

And you hear that whisper

Of pure nothingness.

An escape from the turmoil

Of emotions never wanted.

Memories could be erased

And enter the depths

Of an unknown end

Yet displaced and forgotten.

The lack of control

That haunted you so

Could finally be enslaved

And you sole master.

The water begins to roar,

Yet the siren song,

Softly and seductively,

Screams over the sound.

There, in the riverbed

Glints an object so preciously.

A shard of obsidian,

Black as the dread birds.

It beckons you

As ancient whispers

Caress your troubled mind

And bleeding heart.

You’re upon the edge of the cascade,

While you feel it pulling,

You move not

And remain firmly planted.

You hold up the volcanic glass

To your face

And a smile that is not your own

Looks you dead in the eye.

Those reddened eyes

Of spilt tears innumerable

Above a sinister smile

Of hidden malice.

Oh my ravaged vessel mine,

Do you not see, hear, and feel

That escape and control

You seek?

Let the glass pierce thy mortality

And twin streams of crimson

Will birth gemini waterfalls and

Generate identical red seas.

Thou willst feel the emotions

Drain away into aether

And you will plummet

Into a cradling pool of control.

Oh my siphoned victim mine,

Is this not what you sought

All those moonless nights

And sunless dawns?

Tell me oh fleeting existence mine,

Why not forsake this perdition of probation

That let you rot and wither

For the blissful eternal sleep?

You stare into the vale of summer

Yet you smell blood and bone

As the death stench forms the foundation

Of this masquerading façade.

Oh damaged tabernacle mine,

Will thou twain pull the knife

And let die the abyss within

That agonizes you so?

Blackened tears stream

Down your porcelain cheeks,

Adding to the waterfall

Of raped innocence.

Poem 111 post mission.
© 2021 NeyoWargear
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