596. Of Weary Past

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December 15th, 2020



If the pain of the past

Would stop screaming

And burning through

My veins…

Then the present

Would not retreat

From my clawing

And desperate form.

But it cackles maniacally

As I drag myself

Through the mud

Born from salted tears.

Craters of misery

Litter the battlefield

Like the desolate surface

Of the lonely moon.

The future unobtainable

For I cannot achieve the present

Lost like an echo

In a cavernous void.

But I grit my teeth

And bite the bullet

As I trudge through this

Broken landscape.

Though the past

Lingers like a shadow

Singing upon the breeze

That brings shivers.

I will not drown

In the tears of melancholy

For this existence is suffering

And seeing the beauty.

Struggle on and embrace

This clammy grasp

That seeks to pull you under

Into that mass grave.

Yet fade away not

Into that hollow ground,

Kick and scream

Whilst dragging thyself forward.

For the present is fleeting

And flying ever onwards

Into that future

Of weary past.

Poem 110 post mission.
© 2021 NeyoWargear
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