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Design-A-Dungeon - Contest 1 [closed]
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Published: June 11, 2014
© 2014 - 2019 Neyjour
Dimensions: 6000 x 3000
Grid Squares: 100 x 100 (1 square = 5 feet)

File Format: .PSD / .JPG

10 Layers
:bulletblack: Text
:bulletblack: Arrows-1
:bulletblack: Walls
:bulletblack: Walls-Dropshadow
:bulletblack: Walls-Fill
:bulletblack: Walls-Fill-Dropshadow
:bulletblack: Arrows-2
:bulletblack: Grid
:bulletblack: Ground
:bulletblack: TransBack

:bulletred: For NON-commercial use only.
:bulletred: Sharing/redistribution of this zip file and its contents is NOT permitted.  Please direct others to my deviantART gallery if they would like to download it.
:bulletred: Sharing/redistribution as new resources (stock-from-stock, modifications, etc.) is NOT permitted.
:bulletred: Your FINISHED maps based on this template may be shared/redistributed.
:bulletred: Credit and notification of use is not required, but would be much appreciated.



:bulletred: Arlesienne has very kindly donated character stock packs for the top 3 winners, plus an entry pack for all participants!
Scroll down to the "CONTEST PRIZES" section to take a look at the previews!  :)

:bulletred: The preview for the Fantasy freebie is now posted: ECF - Frozen Forest

:bulletred: The preview for the Sci-Fi freebie is now posted: ECF - Sci-Fi Containers
:bulletred: The zip file has been updated to include a .JPG version of the template.

:bulletred: I've updated the "CONTEST RULES & INFO" to specify that map entries must be in .JPG or .PNG format.
:bulletred: I've decided to offer 2 mapping freebies for contest participants to choose between.  One will be Sci-Fi, and the other Fantasy.  The Sci-Fi freebie is a set of
containers (crates/boxes, cylinders, etc.).  This set is finished and ready to go.  I just need to make a preview image for it.  The Fantasy set is a "Frozen Forest" theme, and
is not finished yet.  I'm rendering everything with an ice material, and the majority of them have a high displacement setting (for some very cool effects! - no
pun intended :P), which makes for some ungodly-long render times.  So this set will probably take several more days to finish.  I'll be posting links, here in the updates, as
soon as the previews have been uploaded.

DESIGN-A-DUNGEON ~ Contest 1 [closed]

Contest begins: June 12th, 2014
Contest ends: July 12th, 2014
Winners will be announced: July 15th, 2014
(I will be judging based on creativity/theme and overall esthetics)

:bulletblue: 1st Place  ->  The Lair of Xerthi (unfinished) by Avengeil
:bulletred: 2nd Place  ->  N/A
:bulletyellow: 3rd Place  ->  N/A

Contest Entries:
The Lair of Xerthi (unfinished) by Avengeil

Just-For-Fun Entries:
:bulletblack: none


:bulletblue: Only 1 entry per person.
:bulletblue: Your map MUST be uploaded to your deviantART gallery (in .JPG or .PNG format), and set to be viewed/downloaded at full resolution (6000 x 3000).  If your map
exceeds the 30MB image limit, you can upload it in a zip/rar file, with a smaller preview image.
:bulletblue: Once you’ve uploaded your map, post a link in the comments below to enter the contest.
:bulletblue: If you make more than 1 map and would like to change your entry, you can.
:bulletblue: Any/all styles and techniques are welcome.
:bulletblue: Any/all genres are welcome (historical, steampunk, fantasy, modern, futuristic, etc.)
:bulletblue: You may NOT alter the base layout of the dungeon by erasing walls or creating new rooms/areas in the solid wall space.  However, what you do inside the
gridded area is entirely up to you, so if you want to add additional walls, doors, etc. in there, you can.
:bulletblue: What you do with the wall space (texturing, beveling, dropshadows, etc.) is also up to you, as long as the base layout is not altered.
:bulletblue: You may expand the overall dimensions by adding a border or additional space for text (key/legend, story/descriptions, adventure info, etc.), but judging
will be based on the dungeon map only.  Also, if you do expand, please remember that the map must still be set to be viewed/downloaded at full resolution (6000 x 3000)
+ any extra space you’ve added.
:bulletblue: Don’t forget to remove my text.
:bulletblue: The arrows are just guides, but if you want to include them in your map, you can.  The bottom-left and upper-right arrows indicate possible entries/exits, but
if you’d like to create your own entry/exit points (via a portal, dungeon stairs, etc.) you can.  The inner arrows indicate that those tunnels run underneath the ones above.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask, either in the comments below or in a deviantART Note.



1st Place  -> 
:bulletblue: Your choice of 3 maps from Kuroiame Realms.
Arlesienne character stock packs: First Prize, Second Prize and Third Prize.

2nd Place  -> 

:bulletred: Your choice of 2 maps from Kuroiame Realms.
:bulletred: Arlesienne character stock packs:
Second Prize and Third Prize.

3rd Place  -> 
Your choice of 1 map from Kuroiame Realms.
:bulletyellow: Arlesienne character stock pack:
Third Prize.

(Download links for all prizes will be sent to you via email)

All participants will receive:
:bulletgreen: Your choice of 1 of the Exclusive Contest Freebies.

:bulletgreen: Arlesienne character stock pack: Entry Prize

(These freebies will also be sent to you via email, as attachments)

If you’re not interested in winning prizes, but would still like to participate just for the fun of it (and for the freebies), you can.  But just be sure to let me know, so I
can exclude your map from the judging.

Have fun, and good luck to you all!  :D
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Congrats to Avengeil :). Should you have any questions regarding the stocks, feel free to drop me a note, okay?
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AvengeilStudent Artist
Hello, this is my (sadly unfinished) entry. Hopefully I'll finish it in the future.…
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ladnamedfelixProfessional Interface Designer
Can we create textures, etc on the solid portions of the map (ie. create our own "walls")?
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NeyjourHobbyist Digital Artist
Yes, definitely!  :)  You can do whatever you want with the walls (and the "solid" space) as long as it doesn't change the base layout.  Texture it, make that 20-pixel wall piece thicker, or don't use it at all (except for the 4 little sections for the over-under tunnels), use the provided dropshadows or create your own (or don't use them at all), etc., etc.  :)
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ladnamedfelixProfessional Interface Designer
Wunderbar. *hops off to create*
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NeyjourHobbyist Digital Artist
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That sounds like a good fun! I'd like to enter AND, if you'd like me to, DONATE some prizes. What about stock renders of fantasy creatures like elves? Plus a llama badge to all who enter if you get not more than fifteen (okay, one way more is alright) entries.

Apart from that, could you also upload a PNG or JPG file please? I don't plan to buy PhotoShop, it would be great if non-PSDs would be honoured too. Thanks in advance!
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NeyjourHobbyist Digital Artist
Glad to hear you'll be participating in the contest.  :)  And thank you for offering to donate some prizes!  I'll send you a Note later today, so we can work out the details.  :)

Contest entries will need to be in .jpg or .png format, NOT a layered .psd, as that would violate the "no sharing/redistribution of the zip file or its contents" rule.  I didn't realize there might be some confusion about that.  I'll add that info to the rules today.

I'll also update the zip file today, to add a .jpg version of the template.  But if you don't have PhotoShop (or any other image editing program that can handle .psd files), the GIMP is a very good, popular, free alternative.  :)
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Sounds like fun if I can find the time.
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NeyjourHobbyist Digital Artist
I hope you'll be able to join in.  :)
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