The Quarantine Diaries

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By NexusKaji
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So, after 3 years of not uploading anything, I've spammed by watchers with 15 new paintings 

Sorry about that Sweating a little... 

Because of everything going on right now, I've been home from university (we've switched to online classes for now so I still have to attend lessons) so I've had some free time to scan my work

A lot of this is work from like October, November and then some more recent things as well

I've really gotten into gouache these days. I just love how it can be like watercolours and oils depending on how you use it (two mediums I love but :shrug:) So it's become my main medium these days 

Anyhow, after TROS came out, I watched The Clone Wars, Rebels and Resistence and I am HUGE fan of all three shows Love 

So expect a few more star wars related pieces coming up at some point :D (Big Grin) 
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