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(Oh My Mother F***ing God What The F*** Are You Thinking?.....Why ME?!?)

ToOoOoOo long have i been away and im sorry.
But living life in the fastlane and the woking world at the same time is no easy task.

So between swinging between 3 different jobs, writing lyrics n guitar pieces for my band-to-be, making time for the girlfriend, looking for another job, skateboarding, dealing with family issues, moving fifty thousand times in the same town, partying and crashing (or what some might call "Sleep") There's been scarce time for drawing.

But don't think i didn't draw at all. Thats just not like me. But lack of internet (till now) and a lack of a scanner made updating my dA verry hard and troublesome. So i kinda let it drift into the back of my mind, which i soo regret. But b/c of recent events, im on bed rest (Oh NO!!!!) but it's all good, im not dead yet and the pen is still crossing the paper :D
(Art hopefully to come this week)

-I need to steal my friends scanner LOL- Check them out :D


P.s: Which one is better, A Comic/Manga -Or- A Book With Illustrations?
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Goku-lover21 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2009
Bitch you are NOT using mah scanner. I havn't seen you since.....FEB or MARCH!!!! You'll have to beg me for it.

You don't text, call, or visit. So, until until you grovel, no Scanner for you.
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Submitted on
July 13, 2009