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I keep trying to find time to get uploads done. But because real life jobs suck sometimes, they tend to take up too much free time. Plus my ass was going thru some things and i was greatly depressed. I'm better now.

So, in my absence, I've geared up most of my free time towards actually working on a comic series that is a comedy but it touches on quite relatable topics that can be understood in a lighter fashion by teens, young adults, and adults too!!!

It's called:
Me V.S. Depression

I plan to start making time to upload them here and continue the series on DeviantArt as well.
(Currently, the only place it is posted online is my personal facebook, and FB butchers the quality when you zoom in, making it incredibly hard to read.)

Please stay patient and bare with me :)
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Have you ever been stuck with a choice; granted, it can give you the perfect closure on some things. But, at the same time, it can end your life. It could end everything you stand for. But yet, it's the moment of satisfaction that you have been looking for. Yearning for. Searching for years, yet this is the only answer that you can come to. Or....walking away and having your pride crushed in the eyes of others. Is it really worth it? Is it?
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It has been wayyyyy too long since I've poked my head around on here, let alone post anything. I have a lot of new stuff coming soon and I'm glad to be back. It's good to be home. I missed everyone.
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Lol my bad guys...this is probably a shocker but yea, i think it's time i came back ;)

I know ive been away for awhile (read last journal entry) but yea i had alot of shit i had to deal with family-wise and just life-wise. Plus what may be a shocker, i DID kinda switch my main focus onto music and have been writing A LOT in the last two years ive been away. But don't think i didn't pick a pencil and a sketch book in my time away  ;)

<3 you guys and please stay true to me, i got alot of new stuff coming soon :3
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......a Phil Mayhem, also known as Nexusenigma on DA, but uhhhhhh DAMN it's been too long and i've been away for too long. I (Honestly) have been working alot and trying to do alot of things for my own personal life, however that doesn't mean i forgotten about this site. I still get on DA just to look all the pretty art and stuff but....unless it's writings, you prob. wont see alot of art from me till next year. I'm making time then, trust me. Thank you all for your support and still not forgetting about me. ;)
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Hey!! This is Wild-Adapted, Nexusenigma asked me to update his journal.

He's not dead.

He's just been VERY busy.

He's been jumping from Job to Job, going in and out of the hospital, and moving to a new place almost every few months.

He's mainly concentrating on his music right now, but has promised art as soon he has internet and remembers he has a dA.

I'm not sure when he's coming back, but he will. That's a promise. I'll make him.

He uses my scanner normally, but because of our busy lives I haven't seen him since Jan, and he hasn't been over my house in about a year.

Anyway, if he asks me again, I might do updates for him occasionally.

If you have any questions for him, let me know.

Wild-Adapted Out.
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(Oh My Mother F***ing God What The F*** Are You Thinking?.....Why ME?!?)

ToOoOoOo long have i been away and im sorry.
But living life in the fastlane and the woking world at the same time is no easy task.

So between swinging between 3 different jobs, writing lyrics n guitar pieces for my band-to-be, making time for the girlfriend, looking for another job, skateboarding, dealing with family issues, moving fifty thousand times in the same town, partying and crashing (or what some might call "Sleep") There's been scarce time for drawing.

But don't think i didn't draw at all. Thats just not like me. But lack of internet (till now) and a lack of a scanner made updating my dA verry hard and troublesome. So i kinda let it drift into the back of my mind, which i soo regret. But b/c of recent events, im on bed rest (Oh NO!!!!) but it's all good, im not dead yet and the pen is still crossing the paper :D
(Art hopefully to come this week)

-I need to steal my friends scanner LOL- Check them out :D


P.s: Which one is better, A Comic/Manga -Or- A Book With Illustrations?
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Sooooooooooooooooooooooo Loooooooonnnnngggggg
since i've have been on dA, it's good to be back :D (thank goodness for new wireless internet routers)

anywho...ya know i haven't been spending ALL that time away slacking, so new art soon to follow this message and the stuff im posting is kinda older shit. So yea there much much newer shit. (Yay Shit! LOL)

so yea, se ya around
Oi upset with myself.

I've found sooo much inspiration in the last few week to draw, yet i've only drawn lik 3 things, one which i threw away, and none that have made it onto the site. Boy, im making progress -_-

Anywho, i've decided upon which i want to work on (if time allows me to)...

As of today (lik right after im done typing this) im going to be completely ripping apart my current "Drawng style" and completely fixing it up. Which you shall see soon enough on DA.

Till then.....
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"Depression and inspiration go hand in hand"

Why is it so hard to get inspired?
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