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The Nexus

The Nexus is a hub of worlds and dragon adoption agencies who focus on bettering members writing, roleplay, and drawing skills. Join up with a character, then participate in world-specific challenges and group-wide events. Join panel-judged contests, adopt dragon-like sentient creatures from clutches hosted by world-owners, and play through story-lines that span a galaxy.

We focus on encouraging creative writing, and support a community where quality and activity are rewarded with awesome adoptables and incentives to have your own character's story given a chance in the spotlight.

Gallery Folders

Dawn Watch Whers by Neko-Nomi
DawnWatch Firelizards by Neko-Nomi
Ethryry sized with dragons by world-of-zekira
Naga adopt for Moon by world-of-zekira
Nyracii's Main Continent by KarjanAmahel
Library of Information
Ahgohris Species Sheet by aireona93
Ah'gohris Sub-Species and Color Sheet by aireona93
Fiamma Draconis by aireona93
Ordivacian Dragons by aireona93
Logos, etc
Nexus Dragon Adoptions Winter Logo by dracothrope
NDA logo temp by lethe-gray
Character Adopts
Naga adopt for Naeodin 2 by world-of-zekira
Naga adopt for Naeodin 1 by world-of-zekira
Naga adopt for DragonFlight by world-of-zekira
Naga adopt for Phoenix by world-of-zekira
Blank Templates
Free Western Dragon Base by Onyx-Niight
Free Dragon Line Art Clear by Onyx-Niight
Free lineart: Eastern dragon by Dreikaz
Make your own Shinedra by dragonrace
Old Submissions
New Cascatan Stages by jkatkina
Warden Dragon by kinrrataiyath
Zeronen and Banyak (all taken) by lethe-gray
Adoptable - Supernal Dragon by dracothrope
Points Auctions
Wings of Fire Adopts


Hey all. This is Shard (lethe, dtf-stock, and world-of-zekira here on DA).

Over the last couple years, obviously things over on the main nexus site have gone sideways. I don't know quite what happened - because at one point the site was overtaken by a chinese porn spam squatter. However, the site IS still up. I don't know who is paying for it? It's not been updated in years, presumably because most folks like myself thought it was gone.

The name's changed, I'd love to know whether it's fully legitimate and still owned by the same folks before? Please? :) Thing is, the forum IS still up, and it IS still available for use. I have permanently revoked any dragons that I can no longer find up online that came from any of my adoptions, even those owned by long-term users, because ... like, 8 years is more than long enough on some clutches, and 'never' was why some were going to come to my Rookery too.

But if you have an old login, you can still access the site's forum! I don't know about new membership there, until it's clear who actually owns the site's hosting, I'd say 'look but don't touch' if needed.


All that aside: here on Deviantart!

I personally WILL be remaining on hand, as I loathe other art sites more than I loathe DA's Eclipse. But! Eclipse has its issues particularly with groups. They are slow to fix the problems, and as such anything that is submitted here might take longer to be approved. Settings got changed for NO apparent reason, and I'd missed numerous applications due to that fact - and, because of 'it takes three to approve' (which I changed to ONE, because... I'm the only one visiting it seems, it changed back?! to something it had never even been?) have added my third account for that purpose alone.

But I hope that the Nexus will become more active. There are many other non-Pernese adoptables out there, and I'd like to keep getting lovely work more exposure even if we're a small group. The more the merrier!

So please be patient while Eclipse rolls out. If there are submissions in my queue, I'll try and get to them asap, but DA has been atrocious about notifications for such.

Anyway - any old school members of the Nexus, please do come around and say hi if you wanna. I did notify the forum over on the site of any of the retractions and take-backs I've done, in the hopes that someone might say 'wait I have my site' but... no replies in a year so... yeah T_T

I'm also probably going to put up specific 'Wings of Fire' folders, so that they can be organized up a little easier, our old-style adopt-and-wait just isn't really a thing here any longer.
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Hi, is this group still active?
lethe-gray Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2020  Hobbyist Writer
We are actually up on discord currently, I need to figure out how to get that linked in here, as we're all sort of suddenly back together as a group. Here on DA though feel free to contribute as a regular group!
Group information coming from DA has changed in really bad ways, sorry for not responding immediately, as I had no idea there were any requests. :)
Alita-Berserker Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
It's ok, thank you for answering ^^
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(OPEN) AUCTION ADOPTABLE - Frosty Heart Dragon
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HELLOOOO!!!!!!!!!! (Yakima is bored, btw, so I lurks on DA...)
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May I be part of this group, dragons are literally my specialty, I love drawing them! :3
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If there were any dragons in your gallery I might be a touch more convinced? Please feel free to join, if you have new artwork I'll take a look.
pepvi Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Thanks, I'll upload some dragons to show.
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Hey I made something out of one of your free dragon templates
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