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Pokemon OR-AS Fanfic Part 6
A few hours later-after they had packed the tents away and settled their Pokemon on their shoulders-Nexus and Sky arrived in Oldale Town. It was a comfortable little place, but it was the first place that Nexus had seen in Hoenn that had a Pokemon Centre and a Pokemart. Both, he knew, were incredibly convenient to Trainers-the Centre was a place of healing, and the Mart was where Trainers could buy supplies like Potions or Pokeballs. Neither of them needed to visit either of the places, but they checked into the Pokemon Centre to drop off their backpacks. The smiling lady with the pink hair behind the counter, who Nexus identified as one of many twin sisters, took their backpacks behind the counter and told them Brendan and May were both on Route 102, and had even said they were expecting them. Nexus and Sky grinned at this, thanked the lady for her help, and hurried out of the Centre. They saw the gate that led to Route 102 and tore down it without pause for breath. This Route was a s
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Pokemon ORAS Fanfic-Part Five
After tucking the Pokemon into a small bundle of blankets, Nexus and Sky both left the camp. They took a Pokeball each, and scouted the forest clearings, bushes, ponds and occasional hillock, but found no Pokemon-or at least no Pokemon that appealed to them. After about an hour of fruitless searching, Sky decided to abandon her search and let loose a blast of Aura energy out of frustration. There was a "BANG!" and a nearby hedge exploded, showering Nexus with smoking leaves and fragments of wood. However, the explosion startled a rock. Or at least, two people disguised as a rock. Sky and Nexus gaped as two people in a striped blue uniform, with grey bands on their head and black gloves tumbled out of a grey, collapsible disguise, and came up in boxing stances.
One was stuttering out of disbelief, but the other seemed more in control. He pulled out a metallic rod, with a button at the end, and pointed it at Sky and Nexus.
"Hand over your Pokemon now, or fall before m
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Pokemon ORAS Fanfic part Four
*Sorry it took me so long to continue writing-had some turbulence at home.*
The next morning, Sky rose early, and Tricky with her. She smiled as she looked at Nexus' tent, and not wanting to wake him tiptoed out of the campsite in her bare feet. After she had walked a fair distance, she began looking for rocks, as she wanted to practice her aura manipulation. Tricky looked up at her with mildly confused eyes, and she fondled its cheek reassuringly. She looked over her shoulder, and saw a boulder lying against a tree. She tilted her head  to one side, wondering where it came from. 
Sky jumped. The boulder was a Graveler, a Rock-Type. She felt a flash of alert, and ducked just as a Rock Blast sailed over her. Tricky lea
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Pokemon Fanfic ORAS Part Three
The wind rustled in Sky's hair as she leant on the boulder, looking at the river flowing past. She and Nexus had saved Professor Birch, and in return he had given them a Pokedex each, allowed Nexus to keep his Torchic, and sent them on their journey. Her mind was still reeling from the shock and surprise. Then, the section of rock she was leaning on gave way. She yelped in surprise, throwing out her hands, and a blast of blue energy sent her flying.
She fell on her backside, mud flying. She heard footsteps, but didn't stop to think to whom they might belong. She whipped her head around, eyes wild, and flung out her hand. Another orb of blue energy shot from her palm.
The explosion sent dust billowing, mud flying, and frightened a flock of Taillow into the air. But when the clouds subsided Sky was surprised to see a figure standing there. Quite intact, with it's hand outstretched. Nexus lowered the barrier and looked at Sky with a quizzical eyebrow raised.
Colour flooded Sky's cheeks. S
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Pokemon OR-AS Fanfiction-Sky and Nexus Part Two
Nexus liked Sky-she was smart, pretty, and she was also a very good neighbour. She gave him a tour of Littleroot, pointing out the Pokemon lab and the professor's daughter and son; May and Brendan. She said they were both strong Trainers, but she was a friend of theirs and a future rival. Nexus wasn't entirely sure about that part, but didn't dare say that aloud. 
Just as Sky was about to tell him about the nearby town, a scream split the air. People stopped, frozen mid-step, but Sky and Nexus' minds were already whirring. Nexus could feel a potent fear from a way away-on Route 111, while Sky sensed it was Professor Birch. The two shared a look-in which they both understood everything about each other-Nexus understood the waves of aura flowing from Sky, while she understood the minds that ripped and ebbed through Nexus's consciousness. The two nodded, and ran off for Route 111.
Professor Birch was pinned against a tree, surrounded by a pack of Poochyena. Five in all, and growls ru
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Pokemon OR-AS Fanfic-Sky and Nexus
That morning, Sky was rudely awoken by the sounds of a moving van rumbling into Littleroot Town. She couldn't identify the sound in the blurred mess of her morning eyesight, but she still leapt out of bed, grabbing her poke ball from her bedside table, and ripped open the curtains. The sudden burst of light blinded her, and she stumbled back, eyes clamped shut.
Just then, her mother called from downstairs.
Sky sighed-her worry had been for nothing. Her eyesight was clear now, and she looked down at the poke ball in her hand. She thought of the little Treecko nestled inside it, and wondered for the second time how it could possibly fit in such a small space. She pulled on her dressing gown, and stumbled down the stairs.
She caught a glimpse of the three strangers in her living room as she flopped onto her face from the bottom of the stairs. The poke ball flew out of her grasp, and it opened with a loud whooshing noise.
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#Rekt by Springtrap by NexusBeast
Mature content
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Image by NexusBeast Image :iconnexusbeast:NexusBeast 0 0 Take that! by NexusBeast Take that! :iconnexusbeast:NexusBeast 1 0 Image by NexusBeast Image :iconnexusbeast:NexusBeast 0 0 Foxy's curtain by NexusBeast Foxy's curtain :iconnexusbeast:NexusBeast 0 0 Image by NexusBeast Image :iconnexusbeast:NexusBeast 0 0 Image by NexusBeast Image :iconnexusbeast:NexusBeast 1 0 Image by NexusBeast Image :iconnexusbeast:NexusBeast 1 0 Image by NexusBeast
Mature content
Image :iconnexusbeast:NexusBeast 0 1
Image by NexusBeast
Mature content
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winter deer prince speedpaint by sakimichan winter deer prince speedpaint :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 14,478 251 Giant Growth Animation by leomon32 Giant Growth Animation :iconleomon32:leomon32 137 74 Part Time at Freddy's: Meeting Foxy by Nukude Part Time at Freddy's: Meeting Foxy :iconnukude:Nukude 342 63 Part Time at Freddy's by Nukude Part Time at Freddy's :iconnukude:Nukude 313 84 Batman Bicep Animation by TheDarkDjin Batman Bicep Animation :iconthedarkdjin:TheDarkDjin 48 17
Spring Trap/Purple Guy X Daughter!Reader

My first Five Nights At Freddy's story! This X Reader will have a new original song in it but it isn't my first FNAF3 song since the game's out. Please be advice this will contain spoilers so if you haven't play the game then this is the story you don't want to read. One more thing I will be calling the Purple Guy Vincent since I like the comics that the artist Rebornica and I like names that begin with the letter V. I don't own the image above. Alright, now that's cleared up on with the story. One other thing, the name of the song I created for this story is 'The Purple Guy's Requiem'.
30 years. It's been 30 years since you last saw your father. He said to you that he had some unfinished business to attend to at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria when you was 2 years old and since then he hasn't come back. Because of this, you was sen
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Weregorilla by CrinitusArt Weregorilla :iconcrinitusart:CrinitusArt 288 18
A Jedi and a Zabrak 5
A Jedi and a Zabrak
Chapter Five
Death, yet the Force
Time had ticked out beneath our feet, and the battle had come to an end. I had earlier, re-entered the Medical Room, to find Bao-Dur hunched in a corner, clutching the top half of his decapitated arm, staring at the ground. I hastily ran to him, and jeered him off the ground, and onto the bed. He did not struggle against me - he merely seemed shell-shocked… out of it. At least his arm had ceased it’s bleeding.
I was currently sat beside him, on a chair, caressing the furthest side of his face, whilst he gazed, vacantly, at the ceiling. I was furrowing my brows, concerned - never before had I seen the poor Zabrak in this condition. He had always been alert, dedicated… and what was he now? He was just an empty shell, or so it seemed, transfixed on something.
I exhaled a great heap of breath, suddenly feeling a pang of regret in my stomach. It made me cringe - especially when the pang would not go away - would not leave
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Mature content
SWTOR: Angles, Leverage and Betrayal :icondartzoftheorichalcos:DartzoftheOrichalcos 2 8
Mature content
Massive Man Boobs- Commission :iconinflator:inflator 165 12
Unfinished by aaawhyme Unfinished :iconaaawhyme:aaawhyme 13 10 Season's Flames by aaawhyme Season's Flames :iconaaawhyme:aaawhyme 12 7 Toru by aaawhyme Toru :iconaaawhyme:aaawhyme 10 3 Rich Green by aaawhyme Rich Green :iconaaawhyme:aaawhyme 102 16 The Red Door by aaawhyme The Red Door :iconaaawhyme:aaawhyme 6 2 Commissions: OPEN by aaawhyme Commissions: OPEN :iconaaawhyme:aaawhyme 10 6



Hello! To anyone reading this, I am letting you know that I will be weekly posting spells or other magical references in my journals.
Try them-See if they work...
If they do please tell me how they went. If they did not work, tell me what you did and I will try to help.

Hex One: Dust

Take a handful of dirt from a graveyard (around the edges of the graveyard will work fine) and throw it at your target's back as they walk away from you. For the spell to work, it has to be an act of anger-otherwise there is no inherent magic in the act. It also works better if you know what you want the spell to do-for instance, cause the target to catch a disease. The desire has to be realistic, though-you couldn't cause a UFO to beam them up, for example.

Good luck!


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