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Journal Entry: Fri May 2, 2014, 11:35 AM
I am still learning Vector Art.....

In the process of learning how to create vector illustrations, I have accumulated a fair amount of unfinished pieces of artwork. They all served the purpose at the time. Usually each subject matter was chosen specifically to explore a particular task.


The learning curve on mastering vector software can be quite tedious at times, you finish the challenge it is all down to discipline to continue with the excitement and commitment you first started the project. Hence once the objective was reached allot of the work got abandoned along the way.


I often return to these artworks and work on them a little more, but still the excitement of a new challenge will all take precedence over my attention, and the artwork will inevitably return to the back burner once more.

 At the moment I am slowly putting together a collection of editable vector poses. I believe that there is a absence for this type of stock on deviant art or the web in general. To find a fully editable piece of figure stock is uncommon they have usually they have been flattened to a fill or a one layer transparency. My aim is to provide some bare bones template which others can elaborate and build on. I found that when I was first using vector software that a lot of my time was spent on creating the under lying framework to work on. My vector stock is primarily intended as a learning tool, a shortcut to cut though the laborious first stages of construction so more time and effort can be devoted at their task in hand.  


With all said and done, I am a great believer in creative freedom.  As long as no one morally exploits the wishes of the source owner, we can only benefit from sharing our work. With the freedom to have access to creative work created by others allows one to improve our own skills and therefore pass it on others. I have therefore placed s stock folder in my gallery.


An example of the Work File/Template

[STOCK] Female Figure Standing 001 by nexus35  [STOCK] Female-figure-standing-002 by nexus35  [STOCK] Female Figure Standing 002 by nexus35

At this point I would like to thank all the people involved in creating the source material and for their kindness in letting me use their material as a an aid or reference for the Vector stock created for this new project.

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May 2, 2014


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