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Vector Fine Art

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 13, 2013, 9:27 AM
Still Learning Vector Art.

New Artwork - June 2012

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 9, 2012, 8:43 PM
It has been a while since I submitted work last. That doesn't mean I have not been doing anything. Over the best part of the last year I have been concentrating on learning Illustrator. The artwork projects I have created over this time have been varied, depending on the task I have set myself to concentrate at any given time.  
I have explored the uses of colour, shape, paths, and transparencies, to name but a few of the technical tasks I have set myself. I have also have experimented with styles of composition, line drawing in contrast to bold block shapes,  highly detailed in comparison to minimalistic artwork, and also the use of Patterns and Textures in vector artwork.
The new artwork I have posted is a selection of work created in Illustrator over the past year. The majority of files are solo efforts and following a single agenda which in most often than not a technical challenge, generally speaking they fairly self-explanatory, the exception being the 'Wormhole' Project which is another case.

'Through the wormhole' Project

"In physics, a wormhole is a hypothetical topological feature of space-time that would be, fundamentally, a "shortcut" through space-time."

- Where the past and present converge, a fusion of traditional art vs. computer graphics.

The wormhole - Overview

Basically this project is a series of illustrations I intend to produce in Adobe Illustrator. The origin of this project is to rework some of my old pen and ink drawings that I created sometime in the early 1980's.

The main objective of this project is to learn Illustrator in more depth. The subject matter has already been thought out therefore I only have to concern myself with the technical issues of converting these illustrations. This project is on-going and is resumed whenever I have free time to devote to this project. A secondary objective is to try and emulate the freedom of traditional drawing techniques with the precision and accuracy of digital illustration.

The concept behind this project is that I am attempting to recreate some of my pen and ink drawings in Adobe Illustrator. Most of the works in this collection I produced over twenty-five years ago, in the early to mid-eighties. When I created them I had no concept of digital art, and had no idea how dramatic the influence that digital media would make on the art and graphics industry of today. When you consider that at the time the biggest home computer was a probably a pocket calculator or a Sinclair Spectrum, so it will be interesting to see how I adapt my new skills in modern media with these old concepts and techniques of the past  and discovering new ways of producing artwork.

Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 4, 2011, 7:55 PM
Hi all.

I haven't been about much over the last couple of months, I have been side tracked again.  On the news front I have started an account on flickr… host my newest photographic exploits.

I am still working on the next version of my website, but  it seems to be taking forever. It is far from finished but it is very close to having enough content to publish. That is if I get my act together and stop getting distracted.

August Journal 2011

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 9, 2011, 6:34 PM
Hi all,

My Internet is fixed at last, I Changed providers. Over the past three months I have still found things to keep me busy. One of the main things I have been doing is redesigning my Personal website and Collating the content to populate it.

I have created some artwork for the site's revamp and I have no plans on posting the new stuff on DA at the moment , but that may change once I have published the site.

Be Back Soon...

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 14, 2011, 2:36 AM
Hi all,

I am not about at the moment due to internet connection problems. Last week I was down to 47k which is impossible to do anything at all with (slower than a dialup connection). This has been ongoing since the last week of April, and will be resolved soon I hope. It is driving me nuts!  

Four engineers later BT has actually accepted that it is a BT problem, which was said by the first engineer may I add. So hopefully I will be back online properly very soon.

On the upside they have changed the master socket (which now separates and filters the ADSL  the from the phone line connection at source as it comes into the house), and my router has been upgraded to the newest version, and my connection at the exchange has been swapped and Checked adn is running perfectly. Plus, in the time I have been offline I have hardwired the network in my house, so that the ADSL comes into the house, then is conected straight into a router and then Ethernet.   

So anyway, I hope have it all sorted soon and will that i will be back online before long.

Best wishes Alan.

:bulletred: Internet Update - bT are working on the exchange, should be back to normal after 4th July. Until then it will be Intermittent. On a positive not it gives me more time to use renewing my new website.

Thank you my Friends

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 26, 2011, 3:30 PM
Thank you my Friends  

I have not been about much this year,
I have been busy with Projects….

One being my personal website. I am restructuring and changing the base intent for it. I am changing it from a showcase to get employment to more of a personal project. This will leave me to use it more creatively.

I hate seeing sites that have the words ‘Under Construction on every page, this can be very frustrating.

So it will not be UNDER CONSTRUCTION! So I will be leaving my old site running while it is in transition.

As this is going to take some time I plan to implement it in stages, so it will be always a full site. I therefore plan on that the new content/pages will be built up around the old site, as they  becoming redundant and be replaced.

So thanks for any faves I have missed, and I would like to note that every comment and fave is appreciated.

News: Best Wishes to all for 2011: Happy New Year

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 21, 2010, 8:05 PM
:bulletyellow: - I apologise  for any delay in responding to your comments, as at the moment the free time I have available to spend on Deviant Art is limited. - :bulletyellow:

Over the past couple of months I have been teaching myself Adobe Illustrator. Throughout this process I have been pushing the boundaries of my personal skills in creating  Vector Artwork.

I am currently working on several pieces of artwork  concurrently at present, each with a separate goal in approaching a technical aspect of vector art. Not only am I approaching this challenge exploring the technical merit of the execution of my work, but also the physiological implications of producing meaningful conceptual art.

In a nutshell, with this new work I am taking the same approach as I would to a traditional painting or pen & ink drawing, not simplifying the image for the constants of the vector, but trying to keep alive the detail and feel of a traditional piece of artwork. Beyond the technical quest I hope to capture emotion and feeling.

This work is very time consuming and drawn out (excuse the pun), but I believe is worth it in the long run.

At the moment I have several WIP running side by side; I find that this method of working keeps my enthusiasm in each work fresh. By hopping back and fore from one work to another it stops me from getting daunted when the original objective of the work is fulfilled. The down side in using this method is that things take a long time to complete.

Below is one of the works in progress - so you can see what I am up to -

1. :thumb184309057: 2. :thumb185765553: 3. :thumb186799660:

:bulletred: - Through the Wormhole - Exploring work from my past through Vector Illustration. - :bulletred:

In this project I am attempting to recreate in illustrator some of my drawings produced over twenty-five years ago. When I created them I had no concept of digital art so it will be interesting to see how I adapt my new skills with these old concepts and ways of portraying them.                      

An insight to the darkside......................

:thumb177341216: .  :thumb177667536: .

A perview of the WIP of the next in the series

New: Through the wormhole

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 29, 2010, 8:20 PM
:bulletyellow: - Sorry for any delay in responding to your comments, but I haven't been about much lately. - :bulletyellow:

Over the past two months I have been working on several pieces of Vector Artwork. I am taking the same approach as I would to a traditional painting or pen and ink drawing, not simplifying the image for the vector, but trying to keep the detail and feel of a traditional piece of art.

Below is one of the works in progress - so you can see what i am up to -

1. :thumb184309057: 2. :thumb185765553: 3. :thumb186799660:

:bulletred: - Exploring work from my past through Vector Illustration. - :bulletred:

An insight to the darkside......................

:thumb177341216: .  :thumb177667536:

A perview of the WIP of the next in the series

Main Photograhy Projects for this year:…

News: New Project

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 27, 2010, 8:09 PM
Alongside my ongoing photographic project I have began an 'Photo Retouch' project.

The objective of this retouch project is to gain work for my portfolio. Almost all of my photo retouch work in the past have been portrait retouch work for a local photographer and have been done for private commissions and therefore cannot be used in my portfolio.

This project is targeted at portrait and fashion photography, which is an area I intend to explore later down the line with my own photography.


Fashion retouch pt 2 by nexus35 . Photo Retouch - Kristina Pt2 by nexus35 . Raining in my Heart by nexus35

:thumb169128578: . Marina Photo Retouch -Compare by nexus35

Photo Enhancement 01 by nexus35 . Photo Enhancement - Part 2 by nexus35 . Photo Enhancement - Part 4 by nexus35

Photo Enhancement - Part 1 by nexus35

:bulletred: Note:I am open to participate in retouch work in any of these two areas, subject to suitability, on the condition I may use the finished artwork outside Deviant Art on some of my other profiles.

:iconalan-stock-ep: - alan-stock-ep

Samples from my Photography account.

Coastline - Stone by Alan-Stock-EP . coastline - Totem pole by Alan-Stock-EP . Waves 6 by Alan-Stock-EP

:iconnexus35-stock: - my Unrestricted – STOCK- Resource Account..........

Birds of Prey - Flight 2 STOCK by nexus35-Stock . 8. Texture - Brickwork by nexus35-Stock . Enchanted Forest by nexus35-Stock

My New Photography Account.

Journal Entry: Fri May 21, 2010, 5:47 PM

I have started a new Photography account, Alan-Stock-EP. The purpose of this account is to house my Experimental Photography and reposition it from my creative art account. My objective for the coming year is to learn photography and I hope this account will be productive in feedback and open discussions on the subject.

:new: - :iconalan-stock-ep: ~Alan-Stock_EP - :new:

Bird - What you lookin' at by Alan-Stock-EP | Fairywood by Alan-Stock-EP

:bulletred: Note: IMPORTANT NOTICE.

Every Monday a friend and I go out with the cameras, as we are both learning how to tame the beast. He has recently set up a Deviant art account to post his results of this work, please support this venture and take a look and keep up with our Monday escapade.

:new: Heath Thomas – :iconnephinator: :new:

Let The Sun Go by Nephinator . Upside in by Nephinator

      :iconnexus35: - my MASTER account........
:iconnexus35-stock: - my STOCK account..........
:iconalan-stock-ep: - my PHOTOGRAPHY accont



All those moments will be lost in time like tears in rain.

Time to die.


When we Look Upon Stars

We look to the stars,
To seek who we are,
And, what we will find,
Throughout space,
Without time,
Is the infinite days
That spirals away,
That will reveal to us stories,
Of our future in past.

We are born from the void and shall return to the void………that is our immortality

.....................awstock ©2010

'Art is an evolution of the soul. The limit of creativity is only constrained by the limits of the imagination. New media increase the potential to expand and evolve the imagination. Therefore the potential of our creativity is infinite.'

........................................ awstock ©2010

My stock Account :iconnexus35-stock:
:bulletblue: - Happy New Year to all on :devart:

Best wishes to all...............Wayne
My new system is up and running. :)

Back to the grind and start producing some artwork, I no longer have an excuse.

My Stock Account - :iconnexus35-stock:
Update Nov 1:

Got my system up and limping, for the time being. The new system will be up and running by the end of the week.

Sorry for the non-existent replies lately, my computer has died on me again.

This time I think it has used up its nine lives :) and has given up the ghost. It blew another Power Supply and it looks very much like it fried bits of the Mother board this time. I have spent the best part of the last week retrieving data and transferring it to other drives, between the Blue Screens of Death. I keep all my data files on several drives so i have not lost any data. But the drives are dated and if a new PC in on the cards the storage hardware has to be updated.

Ordered my new PC today :) and I should have it in a week or two.

..........And my artwork should be back to normal.

My Stock Account - :iconnexus35-stock:
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:bulletblue: NEWS: For those who may be interested,  my Stock Account.

  • Listening to: Nothing At All.......................

At the moment I have several projects on the go, in and outside Deviant Art, therefore I am finding it difficult to find enough time do all I want to do in producing personal artwork.  I am also trying to knuckling down,  attempting to improve my Photoshop skills, which is eating up even more of my time.

One of the areas that I am experimenting with at the moment, is trying to create a high contrast super-hyper-real images, very will be much like the images you would find in the HDRI photographs. But......... I am trying to achieve this from one source image using only filters rather than exposure times. I have had some success but have not been able to achieve a fool proof method of constant results as yet.

Another area I have been attempting to experiment with is converting a photo shot in the daylight and emulating it to a night time shot. This again is still 'Work In Progress', and I have a way to go.

:bulletblue: NEWS: For those who may be interested,  my Stock Account.

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I am no photographer by any stretch of the imagination and do not try to make a claim to be one, I know my limitations, but over the past couple of months for one reason or another I have been taking a lot of photographs. For this reason I have started a Stock account as you can see below. Originally I started taking these photographs of late for my own stock library, but soon decided that some may be use to other members of Deviant Art to use in their manipulations, so hence I started the stock account.

I have mainly been taking photos with stock in mind, such as textures, natural patterns, places of interest, etc. Well if you take enough photos the law of averages will state that you will inevitably produce a relatively acceptable image every now and again.

Therefore the photos this account I have not regarded as suitable for stock, and regard them more of personal images that I am personally quite pleased with. Therefore I have posted them in this account as artwork exhibits.  

:bulletblue: NEWS: For those who may be interested,  I have started a Stock Account.

  • Listening to: Nothing At All.......................

    At this moment in time I have several projects on the go, therefore the regularity that I may log on to this account in the foreseeable future may be infrequent, so I apologise in advance for any delay in my response to any contact that anyone may make with me.

:bulletblue: NEWS: For those who may be interested,  I have started a Stock Account.

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:bulletblue:The last few submissions I have posted here on :devart: are a couple of my very old drawings, sketches and poetry I produced many years ago. I found them recently while moving home. Much of my old finished artwork from this era has been given away, lost or destroyed over the years. These mere few pieces are mostly preparedly sketches and unfinished artwork that have survived the ravishing sands of time.

(At the moment I am undecided whether or not I will display these early works on my :devart: account on a permanent basis. - I just thought some of this work might be of interest to someone other than me :D )

:bulletgreen: - Minor Page Update - 19th Oct 2008

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: I have moved some of the old work to the 'SCRAPS'  folder…


:bulletblue: Inspired by this find, I have decided to take some time out from producing the digital artwork and create some good old fashion traditional art.

:bulletblue: At the moment I am limited for space to set up my oil painting equipment on a permanent basis, therefore the periods between sessions may be intermittent. This will be my first attempt of getting back into oil painting for over twenty years (I will be posting its progress in my SCRAPS).

:bulletgreen: - Minor Page Update - 5th Oct 2008


“ Photographs and scrapbooks,
   Things of the past.
   Memories of happiness,
   That are still within grasp.”

I am going through a stage of nostalgia at the moment. And I was listening to some of my old music and I came across this which seems to sum up my mood at the moment.

Spaceball Ricochet

I'm just a man  
I understand the wind  
And all the things  
That make the children cry  

With my Les Paul  
I know I'm small  
But I enjoy living  

Book after book  
I get hooked  
Every time the writer  
Talks to me like a friend  

What can I do  
We just live in a zoo  
All I do is play  
The spaceball ricochet  

Deep in my heart  
Three¹s a house  
That can hold  
Almost all of you  

I brought a car  
It was old but kind  
I gave it my mind  
And it disappeared  

I love a girl  
She is a changeless angel
She's a city it's a pity
That I'm like me  

I said how can I lay
When all I do is play
The spaceball ricochet

..............Marc Bolan (1947-1977)

Spaceball Ricochet (Alternate Version)…
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