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Mythical Pretty Cure!: Zephyr the Pegasus by Nexus-Schwarz Mythical Pretty Cure!: Zephyr the Pegasus :iconnexus-schwarz:Nexus-Schwarz 12 1 Mythical Precure! - Jasmine expression mini-sheet by Nexus-Schwarz Mythical Precure! - Jasmine expression mini-sheet :iconnexus-schwarz:Nexus-Schwarz 13 0 Mythical Precure!: Skye Luce/Cure Jade by Nexus-Schwarz Mythical Precure!: Skye Luce/Cure Jade :iconnexus-schwarz:Nexus-Schwarz 22 4 Mythical Precure!: Jasmine Swallows/Cure Garuda by Nexus-Schwarz Mythical Precure!: Jasmine Swallows/Cure Garuda :iconnexus-schwarz:Nexus-Schwarz 15 1
Follow Me! Pretty Cure - Episode One
Once upon a time, the Infinite Wish Lantern acted as a gate between our Material Plane and a mysterious realm known as the Transient Plane. Many of the fairy tales that exist are said to have occurred due to the creatures who reside there, the Astral, interacting with our world.
Much like people, not all Astral are good.
A powerful, dragon-like Astral named Eternal Greed had come through to our land. He almost ended the world, but warriors rose to fight him. Their bravery is how a new legend, one of the Pretty Cure, was forged. With the powers of the Astrals on their side, they sealed him away within a deep part of the Transient Plane through the Infinite Wish Lantern's vast power. They shattered it to ensure that he would never be released again, but closed the gate forever in exchange.
The legend had become forgotten over the centuries. But the bonds of our worlds continue into this modern age. Once again shall the legend become reality...
"Get back here~!"
A young girl's voice
:iconnexus-schwarz:Nexus-Schwarz 6 3
Follow Me! Precure: She and Her Astral (Sparky)
Every morning, I come out of the Wish Pendant just before the sun rises. "It's morning!"
And I give my meister a big~ hug on her cheek. My favorite thing is to see that first smile on her face. "Morning!"
"Morning, Sparky..." She says tiredly to me.
I love that word, "sunrise", by the way. Back home, there's no such thing as day or night. But the Material Plane! I love it here. It's so different.
My name is Sparky, and I'm one of the partners of the worlds' only Dual Meister.
As my meister goes to the bathroom as she does every morning, I fly over to the windowsill, my favorite spot in the dorm room. The sun rises just at the perfect spot here and it gets all warm~ I roll around until I find a good spot on my back before I stretch and relax with a sigh.
Just then, I hear a loud yawn from the other side of the room. It's from Silve: a cool, talented mortal who's really pretty and my meister's best friend. Next to us, anyway.
I always fly up to her as she rubs the sleep out of her eyes a
:iconnexus-schwarz:Nexus-Schwarz 1 0
Mythical Pretty Cure! Episode Six
Two weeks passed and a routine was starting to form: Sneak or Trifact would show up, they would summon a Forgotton as the girls used their Luminary Gems to find them, and they would defeat the monster easily.
Of course, Sneak and Trifact weren't pleased at this, but they still persisted.
"One of these days, you ladies will fail!" Trifact shouted as always before teleporting away.
However, the heroines were clearly showing signs of exhaustion at this point as their sole audience member Amber was taking pictures of them. Cure Cerberus smirked weakly and flashed a peace sign at the camera for a moment. Amber started to grow concerned but before she could ask if something was wrong, they ran off once more.
At home, Amber began to compile her pictures of the girls to post on the Scrapbook group with her passion reignited.
[Check it out! The girls are at it again and they're so cool! My favorite is the latest one, Cure Cerberus!] read Amber's caption on the latest collection.
She clic
:iconnexus-schwarz:Nexus-Schwarz 3 0
Mythical Precure!: Brandy Ashford/Cure Cerberus by Nexus-Schwarz Mythical Precure!: Brandy Ashford/Cure Cerberus :iconnexus-schwarz:Nexus-Schwarz 18 3
Follow Me! Pretty Cure: The Strongest Wish
"Listen carefully, Nina. It is said that an Astral will come to you when your heart calls forth from within a deeply desired wish." An older woman explained quietly as she was gently stroking her granddaughter's brown hair while she was sitting on her lap.
"But Grandma, does that mean that you don't have a wish if you don't have an Astral...?" The young girl asked curiously though was soon finding her eyelids heavy.
Her grandmother laughed. "My wish has already been granted, dear. And perhaps yours will be too, one way or another."
Ocean blue eyes downcast on the cement sidewalk, a now older Nina was walking home from school, gripping tightly on her backpack's straps. She stops at her front door and gets the key to unlock it, only to see that there were piles of papers scattered about the house. Again.
Sighing heavily to herself, she sets her backpack in the closet near the door, slips on her house slippers, and gets upstairs. At this rate, Grandma, I might
:iconnexus-schwarz:Nexus-Schwarz 1 1
EXE: Adapting to the Weather - Nexus.EXE by Nexus-Schwarz EXE: Adapting to the Weather - Nexus.EXE :iconnexus-schwarz:Nexus-Schwarz 13 6
Mythical Pretty Cure! Episode Five
Late in the night, Brandy seems to be in unease from more than just the pain in her chest. In her dream, she opens her eyes to see a white room and was wearing a long, flowing red dress.
The room is quickly consumed in flames as the girl steps back in her apprehension, attempting to analyze her surroundings with care.
A scream behind her manages to break through Brandy's concentration but as she turns to find out who it was, she wakes up.
As the cloud of sleep dispels from her mind, she turns her head and sees that Skye is on her right side while focusing her vision. She then tries to sit up but she winces in pain, trying to contain her grunt between her teeth. Opening her eyes as she recovered, she was startled to see that Jasmine was clinging onto her left arm with a sleepy smile.
With a gentle but firm push and a light shade of pink taking over her face, she lowers the sleeping blonde's grip onto her forearm. Then she was massaging her eyes, trying to piece together her dream.
:iconnexus-schwarz:Nexus-Schwarz 0 0
Mythical Pretty Cure!: Silent Knight
Nervous feet shuffled into a classroom full of rowdy children after following a towering adult.
Most of the children were all shouting energetically about something, whether it was about what they would play during recess or what they watched on TV last night. Some were reading simple books on anything they could find in the classroom's shelves while others were playing with blocks or toys.
Almost all of the kids turned toward the teacher and sat in their seats, whispering about the new girl.
Her auburn hair was in a short braid and she adjusted her round-framed glasses occasionally with her index finger and her thumb while her other hand was gripping tightly on her skirt of her dress. It was a beautiful one at that, with red, white, and yellow petal patterns all over the sky blue of the rest of the fabric.
"Children, settle down please. I have a new student to introduce to you today." The male teacher says, trying to get them to quiet down, kneeling down to the girl's eye level. "Tell
:iconnexus-schwarz:Nexus-Schwarz 0 1
You shine with urgency and resilience.
Even in the darkest of nights, you’re still radiant.
I’ve reflected your light for longer than I could stand to count.
I’ve felt your victories as my own, and your losses as mine.
Secretly admiring your light from afar, I tried to shine out of my own merits.
Even as I orbited within your reach but was always overshadowed...
Your light was always there.
As you march on, oh brilliant Solar General... This Lunar Dreamer will be here when you can finally rest.
And truly be home with our light.
:iconnexus-schwarz:Nexus-Schwarz 3 0
Mythical Pretty Cure! Episode Four
The car arrives at the Menace mansion on the northeast side of Garden Haven and it was certainly unmistakable. With the family insignia on the giant metal gates, an expansive front yard with neatly-trimmed shrubbery lining the walkway to the front steps, the beautiful fountains in the yard, and the fact that it looked like there might as well have been a second city with the other, smaller buildings to account for the cars and whatever else the newcomers could think of from their silenced awe.
The car stops in front of a rare, modest-looking building with stonework on the outside and parks in the nearby garage.
Skye went ahead of the others and as soon as Amy was settled on the ground, she begins to move forward into the building. "Please don't be modest, come in! And welcome to my personal workshop."
Jasmine held onto Zephyr as she speedily caught up with the two. Brandy had taken slow and considerate effort to get out of the car, as if the pain from earlier began to catch up with her
:iconnexus-schwarz:Nexus-Schwarz 0 0
Mythical Pretty Cure! Episode Three
The girls got to the school just in time to change into their uniforms. Brandy wore athletic shorts under her skirt but still wearing her beloved red-striped white sneakers. Jasmine put on a brown leather string necklace with thin metal feathers and red, blue, and yellow beads and tucking it under her shirt, patting it softly in her pride with closed eyes as Brandy grinned. Jasmine takes her toolbox and after a sending each other off with a wave, they split up from the girls' locker room.
Ever since her growth spurt to her current height, many people had their eyes on Brandy wherever she went. Whether it was from that or now her muscle, many of the students were either confused or intimidated about what to do with her as they moved out of her way. She felt the stares toward her and waved confidently, trying to take it with grace.
Some of her fellow freshmen approached and greeted her, as she did in return with a bright smile and morning greetings.
After grabbing her books, she saw ahea
:iconnexus-schwarz:Nexus-Schwarz 1 0
Mythical Pretty Cure! Episode Two
"My name is Zephyr, and I am a Pegasus that has come from the Kingdom of Legends, zeph. However, our evil king wishes to take over your land, the Kingdom of Dreams, for the humans to remember and fear our power. But I don't want that, zeph! I and the Legendary Three Musketeers want both of our lands to live in peace. So don't put him in the same group as us, zeph." Zephyr started to explain as all the girls moved toward a bench to sit down and rest at.
"Wait, Legendary Three Musketeers? Who are they?" Jasmine asked, trying to keep up. Amy waited for the answers to everything with bated breath. Skye was not amused about the entire thing as she rested her head on her hand with a frown.
"They're strong warriors!" The Pegasus admitted, proud. "They served the kingdom well...until they were defeated by the Chimera King's servants, zeph." His voice began to quiver as tears welled up in his eyes.
But Jasmine gave him a light squeeze and rubbed her face into his mane to try to cheer him up. "D
:iconnexus-schwarz:Nexus-Schwarz 2 0


Nex comm 3 by iyavi Nex comm 3 :iconiyavi:iyavi 7 2 Happy Rayday by MonochromeSpiral Happy Rayday :iconmonochromespiral:MonochromeSpiral 6 1 Bobo by RedvelvetPierrot Bobo :iconredvelvetpierrot:RedvelvetPierrot 21 8 Happy Bitchday by MonochromeSpiral Happy Bitchday :iconmonochromespiral:MonochromeSpiral 3 1 The mostest scariestest villain by MonochromeSpiral The mostest scariestest villain :iconmonochromespiral:MonochromeSpiral 5 1 Embracing the past to pave a path for the future by MonochromeSpiral Embracing the past to pave a path for the future :iconmonochromespiral:MonochromeSpiral 10 2 Precious Pumpkin Idiots by MonochromeSpiral Precious Pumpkin Idiots :iconmonochromespiral:MonochromeSpiral 2 1 Birth of an Angel by MonochromeSpiral Birth of an Angel :iconmonochromespiral:MonochromeSpiral 2 1 Cure Wolf - Rena Lovett by MonochromeSpiral Cure Wolf - Rena Lovett :iconmonochromespiral:MonochromeSpiral 3 1 Cure Arachne - Frida Lace by MonochromeSpiral Cure Arachne - Frida Lace :iconmonochromespiral:MonochromeSpiral 5 1 Cure Skelet - Donna Boone by MonochromeSpiral Cure Skelet - Donna Boone :iconmonochromespiral:MonochromeSpiral 6 2 Cure Vitalis - Cattleya Taphos by MonochromeSpiral Cure Vitalis - Cattleya Taphos :iconmonochromespiral:MonochromeSpiral 5 1 Cure Inferno - Iggy Flamel by MonochromeSpiral Cure Inferno - Iggy Flamel :iconmonochromespiral:MonochromeSpiral 6 1 Kaede Akizuki by MonochromeSpiral Kaede Akizuki :iconmonochromespiral:MonochromeSpiral 4 1 Happy Haunt! by MonochromeSpiral Happy Haunt! :iconmonochromespiral:MonochromeSpiral 5 1 Throwing the shade by MonochromeSpiral Throwing the shade :iconmonochromespiral:MonochromeSpiral 4 1




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Haha, should've done this forever ago but I finally have a day off from work~

Got tagged by :iconredvelvetpierrot: for a two-fer!


0) Open
1) Switch to "All regions" and "All types"
2) Switch to "1"
3) For each question, generate a Pokémon, and use it as the answer. Then comment about it
4) PLEASE TAG SOMEONE! This is the only way the meme can get around
5) Post these rules

1.This is you

Nice! Wartortle's one of my fav starters!

2.This pokemon is your rival

Heh, fitting since Sneasel was used by Silver.

3. This pokemon is deeply in love with you

Oh~ You're so beautiful, too! *v*

4. This pokemon is stalking you

Psh, this little guy? He's not that scary.

5. This pokemon just stole your cake

...Wait. How would it eat it?

6.This is your Lab Partner

Aw~ How nice!

7. This is your best friend

I wonder if they have more bark than bite.

8. This pokemon is about to fight you

*smirks confidently* You don't have a chance!

9. This pokemon will do anything to get your shoes

What?! Another deadly sea creature getting shoes they don't need! *tosses*

10. This pokemon is currently hiding in your house

I dunno how it could be hiding so well seeing as it's a sun lizard, but all right. *shrugs*

11. This pokemon is your pet

Aw, what a cute addition to my house! (Fun fact: in my X Friend Safari, people can also get Illumise too!)

12. This is your new roommate

Bro. Don't eat my chips or me and we'll be cool.

13. This is your new boss

Moltres being my boss certainly wouldn't be a flight of fancy~ */rimshot*

14. This pokemon watches you while you sleep at night

*shrugs* Doesn't seem too bad.

15. This pokemon is scared of you

But, but... Kitty. ;^;

16.This pokemon is about to perform surgery on you

Can I get a prescription to heal my broken heart, doc?

17. You have to babysit this pokemon all night

If I let you roast these marshmallows for us, will you promise not to burn anything else?

18. This pokemon loves sleeping on your head

...That sounds painful.

19. This pokemon envies you

Well I'm envious right back cause it looks so awesome!

20. Use this pokemon to tag some people

Glaceon will turn coolcat12347 into a popsicle if she doesn't do this! *evil laughter*

OC Facts:

1.) Post 8 facts about your character(s).
2.) Tag 8 people and their OCs.
Mythical Precure!: Brandy Ashford/Cure Cerberus by Nexus-Schwarz
Brandy Ashford/Cure Cerberus
1.) Despite being well-liked among her peers, she never had a real friend until Jasmine in middle school. And even then, they never really hung out until the start of the story due to their busy schedules.
2.) She learned how to be agile from saving people from bullies as a kid but never actually fought until she became Cure Cerberus.
3.) Brandy is terrible at lying, especially when it comes to awesome stuff like being a Pretty Cure. "Heroes shouldn't keep secrets!" Many of their fancure friends will dislike that initially.
4.) Even though Brandy wants to be a firefighter, being able to take fire to power-up and stop it from harming people is awesome in her mind.
5.) She's quite dense when it comes to romantics, thinking that flirting is a compliment more often than not. On the opposite, she doesn't realize that sometimes the things she says can be considered flirting.
6.) What's funny is that she actually was a pretty short/scrawny kid before her growth spurt in 7th grade after first meeting Jasmine. Needless to say, Jasmine was shocked at that but happy for her.
7.) As she mentioned once before, she thinks Jasmine's hair is beautiful (being the one who gave her the idea to bleach it in the first place) and wishes that she could wear her hair like that. Although one time in elementary school, a boy stuck gum in her hair and she (rightfully) socked him in the face and had to get it cut.
8.) She does have her mother's contact information, but avoids interaction with her for as long as possible until the woman's rare visits force her to do otherwise.

As for tagging people on this one, volunteer yourself if you'd like!



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"Sometimes standing still lets you see the world change around you. That or becoming aware of change helps too."

I'm a writer but I'm also an amateur voice actor and I've played characters that you've never heard of.


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