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We are born incomplete. An assortment of pieces, yet to be solved. A puzzle. To become whole, we must collect and assemble these pieces to achieve our quintessential state of being.

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Another reminder why the "Taikyoku" exists.

It's to remind us of our true selves.

But when I hear that word, I slowly become familiar...

Who is this "Taikyoku" they speak about?

(XP From my story.)

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T he contrast between the soft shapes and the angular shapes is striking ! It's a very impressive artwork.

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This is absolutely fabulous.  I love the concept/contrast.  I am so glad I stopped by here today!
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Hey, thanks! I'm glad you enjoy my stuff. Stay tuned, friend. ^_^

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your concepts are great
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The smooth blank canvas is waiting to get its edges through life and experience. Great concept!
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I love this idea of black and white!

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This is amazing
Nexumorphic's avatar
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YOur welcome :D
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That is quite an intriguing piece. 
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The shading, the deepness, the textures... looks so good, it deserves to be in a museum.

Also it gives me the feeling of the dark of our souls.

Maybe a mirrored person with another personality.

Great job pal

Nexumorphic's avatar

Why, thank you! I'm flattered. And... that's another interesting perspective! That theme is also pretty prevalent throughout the rest of my works, but optimism is pushed more toward the front, haha.

Have a good one!

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Dude... That is soooo cool! Well done you.

:worship: remake 
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