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DAI: Carry You

Yeah there's a lot issues with the anatomy and the hands and whatnot but you know what? I stepped out of my comfort zone for this and I'm damn proud of myself for it.

Anyway this is a silly idea involving my warrior!Lavellan Carys and her love interest Solas. I admit I drew this because I was very amused by the mental image of Carys easily lifting up and carrying Solas (especially with certain spoilers in mind :lmao:). In the game, she's a 2 handed weapon!warrior thus she runs around Thedas with swords/axes/war hammers that are as tall (if not taller in some cases) than she is, so I don't think lifting up her boyfriend would be too much of a challenge. ;)

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Aw, it's adorable! And good for you getting out of your comfort zone! That's the best way to learn.