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Schedule auto-posts for the specific time

You can set a specific time when the post will go to the configured social network. This feature expands the existing "delayed postings" functionality.


Please see more info here: Schedule auto-posts for the specific time

Auto-repost existing and already posted posts based on some rules (one-by-one, random, from specific days, etc..)

This is actually two features in one.
1. You can use it to import all your existing posts one by one on specific schedule.
2. You can use it to recycle your old posts by reposting them (randomly or one by one) to your social accounts.


Please see more info and instructions here: Old Posts Auto-Reposting

Add auto-posts to the query that will be posted according to some specified rules (like "two posts per hour")

This will be useful if you import RSS or other feeds to your site. Your posts are imported all at once, but will go social networks one by one with specified intervals.

How to make autoposts

Select what image to use for "Image" and "Attachment" post types if post has several images

You can select what image to use for autoposting if your post has several.

Short video demo of auto-posting to Google+ with selected images. Video shows that image selection is working for both "Image Posts" and for thumbnails for "Text Posts with "attached" blogpost"…

New Networks, Reddit and will be added.


Release Date

Version 3 will be released once we finish beta testing and work out all bugs.

Beta number 4 will be sent out next week. We will be taking more people for it. If you recently requested to become a beta tester, you should get it. If not you can still request it here:…
The new version 2.7.14 has been released.

It contains some improvements like support for Categories for  Google+ Community Pages, Facebook Secret Groups,  many bugfixes and new security model. This version adds an ability to skip the check for user privileges as well as an ability to allow users to autopost without seeing to changing any options. This change  makes a possibility to resolve the issues caused by previous security fix.


Full list of changes.
Note: This is upcoming version 3 functionality. It's not available in the current 2.x.x version.

New field on "New Post"/"Edit Post" page - "Image(s) to use".

Default is "Auto" which make plugin select image automatically. Plugin will take featured image from the post. If there is no featured image it will take the first image from the post body. If your post body has no images it will take the specified default image.

Uncheck "Auto" and plugin will show the grid of images from your current post. You can select the image that will be autoposted to your account.


Version 3 is coming soon, you can request to become an early beta-tester here
Many people mentioned in the comments to the previous post, that Reddit allows you to post your own links to your own subreddits.

Well, we have heard you and the next version of the SNAP will support autoposting to Reddit.


You can check out our subreddit: