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P2U base bundle - community picks

My usual pricing policy is 100 points/$1 per chibi. I've accumulated 70+ different base packs over the years simply because demand drives supply (once again, thank you so much for the support, everyone!!) and nowadays I'm facing what I call a game expansion syndrome x'D When there's too many things to buy. At this point there's an insane entry barrier, so to speak. If you've been with me for many years, new content just kept trickling in, but if you've just found me and my bases and want this and that and those two as well, cost might be intimidating. Soooo I'm permanently making this bundle \o/ I've included what feels like the most popular bases, couple bases were intentionally left out since there's already a seasonal (Valentine's) discount/bundle every February.

Please don't negotiate if you already own like 2/3 of these and want the rest discounted, this bundle is specifically aimed at newcomers!!

Update January 2021: last November, DA's changed the way it handles sales and earnings. It's difficult to understand and explain, on top of being shady and slimey (I wish I had a better platform to sell on, but I don't!), condensed version sounds like this: digital download costs in points didn't change, however, when you use card/paypal, price in $ is higher than it used to be (or than needed to cover paypal fees!). I as a seller don't have any control over this, nor I receive any profit when you use card/paypal over points. I had to edit the $ prices on the image (not the base costs themselves - they stayed the same inside and outside of this bundle!) to reflect the change.

The bundle cost in points is still 2500, or $31.25.

P2U means PAY TO USE.

This is a paid resource. Do not attempt to: trace, reference, copy, share any parts of package with those who didn't pay for it.


Download contains psd files. Make sure that you have a program fitting for this type of file!

Refer to the original pages to see details:



- Purchased? Comment!

Deviantart sales show up like this: "hey you sold a thing!" no buyer name whatsoever. So please let me know that YOU have bought it!

- MUST credit me every time you use. (How to credit properly: type :/devnextlvl-adopts: or :/iconnextlvl-adopts: but remove the / )
- When posting my base as your YCH sample, PLEASE, don't post the original, full-size, unwatermarked version. No png/transparent background either! Protect it somehow.
- You can edit the base however you like, if it stays for personal use.
- You can continue drawing on my lineart layer or trace over it using your regular brush tools.
- Bases can be used for personal art, practice, adopts, commissions, YCH, whatever!
- No reselling/trading! Tell me if you're purchasing one as a gift, I need to know all the base users!
- Upon deactivation of your DA account, your username is removed from the base user list. If you intend to keep using the base(s) somewhere else, you must note me BEFORE deactivating your account, so that I can verify your identity and update the user list with your new username here or on another site.


Since November 2020, DA made it possible to use points, Paypal or credit card - just press the "buy premium download" button on this page and choose your payment option. Download will be available instantly.

Paid and received a permission to use the base:
1. VexVyrus
11. erica4
17. Unarm
18. A-kun8
21. M33N4H

^ The list is auto-extendable, don't worry about "slots", there are none!
All buyer names will be added to each separate base post as well, I'll be adding them over time in batches.
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Just bought this! It may be seen on my toyhouse as well (amarxnthine).

nextlvl-adopts's avatar

Thanks, and okay <3

xMEENAHx's avatar

I bought this on my old account: @Erezi

nextlvl-adopts's avatar

Thank you so much <33

MapleB's avatar

is it Ms Paint friendly

nextlvl-adopts's avatar

It's not! Please read the description carefully.

MapleB's avatar
jamtamtamz's avatar

Purchased thanks!

M33N4H's avatar

PURCHASED!! :heart:

nextlvl-adopts's avatar

AHH thanks again QuQ <3

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purchased thank ya

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If I buy I can use in others social media’s? Because I don’t use DeviantArt just Instagram.
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Yes, just link back to my DA every time you post please.

jennycatmystique's avatar

Purchased! Been using bases for practice (with the hopes of getting into making adopts) but couldn’t decide which bases I wanted- so why not just grab a bunch? Thank you!!

nextlvl-adopts's avatar

Thank you so much~

A-kun8's avatar

bought!! tysm u talented individual for helpin fellow artists out <3

nextlvl-adopts's avatar

Thanks for all the base purchases ;o; <3 Hope you enjoy using them!!

A-kun8's avatar
ofc! im in love with them theyre so fun!
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