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P2U Hey Base


P2U means PAY TO USE.

This is a paid resource. Do not attempt to: trace, reference, copy, share any parts of package with those who didn't pay for it.


ZIP folder contains the preview image, sai and psd files. Make sure that you have a program fitting for this type of files!

- lineart, each on different layer
- 2 face expression sets, each on different layer
- simple skin base color



- Purchased? Comment!

Deviantart sales show up like this: "hey you sold a thing!" no buyer name whatsoever. So please let me know that YOU have bought it!

- MUST credit me every time you use. (How to credit properly: type :/devnextlvl-adopts: or :/iconnextlvl-adopts: but remove the / )
- When posting my base as your YCH sample, PLEASE, don't post the original, full-size, unwatermarked version. No png/transparent background either! Protect it somehow.
- You can edit the base however you like, if it stays for personal use.
- You can continue drawing on my lineart layer or trace over it using your regular brush tools.
- Bases can be used for personal art, practice, adopts, commissions, YCH, whatever!
- No reselling/trading! Tell me if you're purchasing one as a gift, I need to know all the base users!
- Upon deactivation of your DA account, your username is removed from the base user list. If you intend to keep using the base(s) somewhere else, you must note me BEFORE deactivating your account, so that I can verify your identity and update the user list with your new username here or on another site.


Since November 2020, DA made it possible to use points, Paypal or credit card - just press the "buy premium download" button on this page and choose your payment option. Download will be available instantly.


You can get 1-2 bases and not the whole set. I'll have to manually process your purchase.

- Paypal: note me your paypal and I'll send you an invoice for the corresponding amount.

- Points: look for the 100, 200, etc point payment buttons here and then follow the instructions on that page.

Paid and received a permission to use the base:
1.  Tenshilove
2. Yumigomy
3. Gladidaddy
4. KitaSpecies
5. Gillbear
6. Oscorix
7. SpookstressAdopts
8. Klokkenspel / StarryEyedKing
9. DaizyBell
10. Slashmaid
11. RoseGotham
12. koyoba
13. bloodiedpeach
14. Sugah-Bee
15. bobby-os
16. Huneymoon
17. plushmii
18. Oppai-Puddin
19. Megchibe
20. RapunzeIl
21. Retroiih
22. RoseandherThorns
24. PaddysDemon
26. yumehaeya
27. ObviouslyOmi
28. heartof-theforest
29. Aether-Sage
30. FrozenAdopts
31. PrincessPistachio
32. Scarletsister-chan
33. YmiArt
34. sleepyf0x
35. mai-anjelle
36. BlackRavaen
37. BobaBee-Tea / Blondnee
38. imperfectimposter
39. Blackberreh-Art
40. dreamkitten44
41. Puppytier
42. darechub
43. InkletSplat
59. 9LArts
60. GazeCreate / Kaerralind @ TH

^ The list is auto-extendable, don't worry about "slots", there are none!
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Purchased! It's about time lol

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Hahah <3 Thanks for the continued support!!

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Purchased :)

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Purchased via paypal <3

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Purchased via paypal

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Thank you so much for all the base purchases, hope you enjoy using them <3

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Purchase using points!

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Purchased with points!

Will be using with the account Kaerralind here and on
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Purchased with points

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Purchased with points!

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Purchased with points! <3
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Purchased with PayPal!
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Thanks! I'll send a note <3
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Purchased with points! :D
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