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Burger King
Some Pizza
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By nextexile
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Wendy's by far
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omg those are so delicious. :D
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Joey's Pizza with BBQ sauce :)
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We haven't got all the fancy fast-food restaurants in Norway. We've got McDonalds, Burger King and Subway a few places, but that's about it. I want tacos! Best we've got in Norway is probably McDonalds. But in Norway, all fast-food is incredibly expensive. It's like 15 USD for a medium sized Big Mac menu, and the menus are way smaller here too... :(
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Mc Donalds for cheese
Burger for chicken burger :P
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Quiznos is by far the best, especially their Classic Italian with Banana Peppers :D

Besides Subway, the options are nothing but mcfatty-fat joints :(
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Subway is amazing. I dislike the other choices because of the poor quality of food. Although, I do love pizza.

I just love subway.
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Agree! Their veggies are always more fresh than any other competitor's. Yummy.
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I used to eat at McDonnalds and Burger King sometimes util I one day ate a burger there and accidentally the napkin, too without realizing any difference. Since this day both scare me :O
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Sorry to hear that! Pizza is great though.
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haha, well it wasn't too bad actually :D Just tells a lot about their food imo.
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Hahah true that! :D
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