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Sound of eGo for DeviantWear

By nextexile
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Updated with a center placement and removed gradient in case contest allows only flat colors.

Please fave and comment for support.

This is an older T design but I think it is one of my best and is definitely worth a go in the DeviantWear contest.

100% Vector as always.
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Greet job!
As always...
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Thank you very much. :D
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DUDE, i remember this Sound of eGo, its so sick to see it on an actual t-shirt xD

hope you win!
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Another classic
K-I-W-I-E's avatar
Hei mate! great T-shirt!
Can you please tell me where can I download a T-shirt template like this one, in your design.?
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I got mine from GoMedia Arsenal, it's not free. :D
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very nice :) i love purple 'n white, i'm wearing purple 'n white by typing this message ^^
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Sweet, represent!
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nice man ! need to see white version on black backround.
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Hehe I can only post 2 but thanks for feedback.
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it's nice but...what is it? :p
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Awesome job. Great attention to detail makes this one yummy.
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Hehe thanks man. :D
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Awesome shirt design, love the positioning and gradient across it.
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whoa nice!
btw isnt there a rule on limited colours ? (no gradient?) im not sure xd.
daiyum, the colour choice is nice too xd.
oooh and if u dun mind, how did u make the scratches on the bottom w/ a vector drawign ._.??
daiyum. nice lol. haha.
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I'm not sure about gradients but the design can always just use flat base color. If you can point out something in the rules preventing me from using gradients let me know, I didn't see anything. The scratches are just vectors, not sure how to explain it. Just a very detailed vector.
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and @ vector, wow! lots of patience, ill try that :)!! thanks for the reply =D!

btw, wat did u mean by :flat base colour" o.o? and how do i know if the colour i chose is ok for the contest? ( coz i read something bout using pantones ._.)

good luck =D! tho i need that more than u!! HAHA xd.
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Pantones were recommended, there's no "right color" per say. What I meant about base color is the darkest shade or purple.
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oooh ok icic. thanks a bunch :D!
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nice design
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