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New Canaan

By nextexile
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Website design for the town of New Canaan, CT. We'll see if it get approved.
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I got lot of fun with this layout. I love the color scheme and the typography.
It's a fresh and original layout that we got here, imho ! I really enjoy the little icon on the bottom. You give a great style, and personality to those icons ! I can see those button moving !! The global template remember me some vintage cover, due to the typo, and icon style. It's like a warm, and confortable feeling !
All the content are extremely clear, and we can read all the text or appreciate picture easily.
I can't find any bad point on your template ^^
Ohhh maybe one !! This layout will be animated ? If not, that's the bad point ! <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":p" title=":p (Lick)" />

+ fav, Keep up the good work !
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Thanks bro, it means a lot to hear such a high opinion of my work from you. However I am only a designer and in regard to animation, that is taken care of by other people in the office. They also keep in mind our customer and the fact that some of them are still using netscape so we can't always add lots of flare. :D
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ehe sure, just let meh know when this project will be done ! :D

I hope that we'll work on kind project like this together !
I'm like a fan aha :D
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Sure thing man! That would we incredible.
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Like the colors man, interesting:)
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sweet. :)

"modern retro" style ;)
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Yup!! Glad you recognized that. :D
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Great choice of colours. Great work!
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Sweet design. GO CT!
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The colors are amazing!
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Nice work :) dunno why but especially love the calendar :aww:
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Yeah i put quite some time into it. I'm just tired of seeing same old calendar stylings on every website. :D
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haha then it's the best decision! do something with it! :)
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Wonderful design. I love the colours :D
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Nice design. Much better than what New Canaan's site is today, and most of the CT. town sites for that matter. Earthy colors, pleasing button designs. I think someone else said it before, but how about a nice subtle pattern in the background?
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I'll definitely give it a try. Unfortunately this design got a bit butchered before it got accepted so it won't be as pretty.
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I love this.
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