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This is my most recent design. It served as my "on-the-job" interview that basically determined if I was to be hired or not.
It is a bit different from my usual work only because this is my take on clean 2.0 design.

Feedback is welcomed as always.
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I am getting in on the 2.0 bandwagon. Do you have a good resource that can teach me how to integrate that "mover" element, the one you have with the arrows. It's pretty common to alot of designs, and not everyone uses Flash for it. In fact, if there were a way learn to do that without flash, (Java?) I would like to.

Any info you can help me with is appreciate. And the design looks good. A bit, square, and cramped, but I love the color pallet.
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I dig it. A little cramped, but a cool design overall.
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i`m sorry for the hard comments!
but i like it

i see it clean and stunning website
may be it`s new style for you
but changing your style is not the end of the world

keep it up :peace:
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Thank you, plus, I am not changing my stye, this is just an addition to my style for clean websites. :D
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that`s what i meant :)
choose what you see that you like ;)
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Thanks again for stopping by :D
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you are most welcome :manhug: :rose:
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Very nice design man only a few critiques.

- it looks very "tight" maybe you should ad more space between the items.
- maybe you could polish it a little bit, wit 1px lines here and there.
- the 3 tabs which aren't active could use a bg, than it will be more easy to see that they are tabs.

Nevertheless very good design, keep up the good work.
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Thank you! I'll try that. I was trying to make the design compact so that people could see all the information they need without scrolling. That will remain one of my goals while working for tis company, it all goes to usability. I can see however that a little more spacing won't hurt. :D
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its ok, but try to put more light between text. i mean news, events and a third block.
will be excellent ;)
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Overall I really like this one. The colors rule.

I think some of the content could use a little more spacing. That's about it tho. :)
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Great start mate, it looks nice :D

Reduce the font size of the top nav (culture etc), search and menu items (Welcome, employment etc). They're a bit big and overbearing and don't give enough space to achieve that clean look you're going for.

The icons are sexy, the colours are hot, the jquery gallery is beautifully placed and thought out.

With a bit of generally spacing throughout and font reduction i think its going to look great :D
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Thank you Andy! I'll take that into consideration and make the appropriate changes. :D
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Hey NE :)

I like the colors of this design, and I think with a bit more polishing it could look really good. You said this "served as my 'on-the-job' interview that basically determined if I was to be hired or not," so I assume you didn't have all the time in the world to polish this one up like you had in your other designs.

Anyway, since you're up for critiques, here are mine:

- Maybe add some more horizontal spacing and seperators for the menu at the top (like [link]).
- I think adding some padding above and below the content columns (Latest News, Upcoming Events, Spread the Word) would be great. Perhaps some more visual cues for the title in the content columns would help as well.
- The logo/title area could look better :)

Overall a nice design.
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Thanks! I'll definitely try to add more space. You are correct about me not having enough time also, this had to be done asap + the necessary research. The logo area is rather simple but that's becuse I could not find town's logo, not all of them have one and I had to keep moving. :D
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does not really look corporate at all sorry man
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I'm not sure how to call it. I wasn't aiming for the typical corporate business feel. The design is for a town that is known for their part and a mountain which is why i used earth tones and references. Not sure how to call that, corporate was closest I could think of. =] How is the design itself tho?
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design is simplistic compared to your regular work, BUT that said, the content and structure of the layout is very well done. All is easy to read and navigate imo :)
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Thanks man thats what I was wondering. :D
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hmm not as good as your other work. but still very good
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Lol well I think there are different kinds of "good design". This is just a different style, for different demographic. I cant be making designs out of torn paper and spray paint for every project. :D
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