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Drawing Final

By nextexile
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This is my most recent project. It was my final piece for drawing course.

Done with graphite pencils and some watercolor.
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this.....this is.......amazing
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I'll make awesome valentine card lmao =) Looks great keep the up the great work.
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Less than 100 Favs for a masterpiece of awesome... Well, I'm helping you out with mine :)
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Thanks buddy! =] This means a lot to me.
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Amazing! It reminds me of Dedaria from Naruto... if you watch it. lol.
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Love the shading a lot man! Nicely done :D
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Thanks, it's my first time experimenting with that kind of lighting.
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Stunning job on this. I love how it's one of those stretchy books, sorta. Really good concept. :)
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Yeah we had to choose and either to a stretchy book or a regular book with pages. My concept could only work with a stretchy book, obviously. :D
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It's really great. Very deceiving book, though. xDD It's like.

"Oh lookie, it's a boo - - Oh dear jebus! It's a long long beautiful deadly arm!"

Just saying.

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Haha that is certainly true :D
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very nice :)
Great work
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Very nice man! :+fav:
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Thank you very much. :D
C4br4x1z's avatar're good dude, you're good :eyepopping:
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I'm flattered. :D
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you're welcome :)
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Really nice concept, and extremely well drawn o.O

All in all you did an awesome job with this drawing :D
I have probably been looking at it for 10 minutes now and i just dont grow tired of it.
If it hadn't been for the expensive shipping, i would have poked you with a stick untill you made this into a print, cause damn, i want this on my wall ^^
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I actually was considering that. Now that the summer is here maybe I'll go through with it.
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What an Idear!

Big Work->Big Artist!
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Thank you very much for such kind words! :D
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