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Iím just going to make this quick and to the point.
I donít really have time anymore to put any real effort into this group like I used to. When I first made this group I was a teen and didnít have any adult responsibilities like college and finding a job. I had so much free time to just up-keep this little club, and now, I donít have the time nor the motivation to. Itís not that Iíve lost interest in fankids and next gen AUs, just lost interest in making sure people are following the rules, deleting any artwork that breaks said rules, organizing and creating folders, trying to come up with contests and stuff, etc.
And it doesnít help that group members are constantly breaking the rules, despite me constantly reminding people that theyíre breaking them and to stop. I canít recall how many times Iíve told people that artwork using bases/templates is not allowed or that sexual and gory content is prohibited (some of which is against dAís overall rule system). And not to sound rude or call anybody out, but a good chunk of the artwork we get on a daily basis is MLP art. So. Much. Pony Art. Yaíll do realize there are tons of other groups dedicated to fanfoals, right? You donít have to bombard a single group with tons of pony art, especially when itís just a sketch or rough draft. Same thing goes for people posting adoptables here. My group is not a place for your advertising, whether through fankid adopts or commission posts.
I honestly donít really know what Iím going to do for the time being. I had a list of things I wanted to do like reorganizing and junk, but now I just donít have the will to do so, especially when I saw just how much artwork will need to be removed due to rule breaking. Iím tired and have classes to deal with. I have no idea the fate of this club for the time being, but Iím open to suggestions. Donít expect me to answer right away or make an official decision in the near future though. Iím still going through a college semester right now and just wanted to post this to keep everyone up to date and to give a heads up or whatever.
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Group Info


1# No stealing art or character designs. Any pic found to be stolen or colored over will be deleted.
2# No sexual art or extreme violent/gorey pics allowed. We want to keep this club user friendly.
3# At least one parent MUST be a canon character. Adopted kids are allowed too.
4# Bases, creators, recolors, etc. are NOT ALLOWED.
5# No bashing other's art, characters, or pairings.( If you have an issue with an artist, then kindly deal with it between the two of you, not on my club.)
6# Fanart of someone else's next gen. kid is allowed. (Make sure you asked permission from them first.)
7# Incest pairings and fankids are NO LONGER ALLOWED.

Anyone caught breaking these rules will be kicked out and banned. However, I will give one warning ahead of time. If you do not cease your rule breaking, I will be forced to take bigger measures.


1# What is a "Next Generation Kid or NGK?"
A NGK is a fanchild or offspring to a couple from a TV show, cartoon, anime, book, movie, comic, etc. To give an example, one could make a son or daughter for Naruto and Hinata from Naruto.

2# What about already existing next generation kids? Like the ones from Korra or Harry Potter?
These are allowed in the group.

3# What if my next gen. character is adopted, half blooded, or their parents are a canon character and an OC/FC?
Again, these are allowed. So long as one parent is from an existing series or whether by blood or through adoption, it's fine.

4# My art/characters aren't very good, can I use bases/creators/recolors instead?
No. I would much rather have your own artwork featured. Some aren't very good artists, but they still post their characters anyways. Just remember, this is all for fun and you shouldn't feel ashamed to post your own artwork to the group.

5# Where do I submit this?
If you are unsure where to post a pic, then post it to the Featured folder and I will sort it for you.

6# What's the "Featured" folder for?
To post pictures that do not have their own separate folders yet.

7# Are next kids from yaoi, yuri, incest, age difference, crossover, or crack parents ok?
The only fankids that are not allowed are incest ones. Yaoi, Yuri, Age Differences (so long as it's not pedophilia), crossover, and crack pairings are allowed.
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Rarishy-Films Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New Deviant Student Digital Artist
Hey um I also create many fan kids of my favorite fandoms! I would like to join. And since I’m kinda new here I think I wanna start of by um showing some of my content and interest or something. I just hope that maybe I can join, it’s fine if not. 
JabuxGirl Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2021  Student Digital Artist
Hey! I'm new here! And i create Fanchildren for so many Fandoms!
And today i joined, i've looking for a Eddsworld, Henry Stickmin and Friday Night Funkin' folder to post my content!
Is it allowed? Can someone help me? It's okay if it's not allowed, and i'm sorry if this is bothering someone hhhh ;-;
Grateful if answered! <3
kindheart525 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Good news everyone! The graphic images have been taken down and the racist comments have been deleted. The DA admins have taken care of it and locked the hacker out of Mutatedwerewolf’s account.
TwilightSparkleFan99 Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2021  Hobbyist Artist
Good riddance!
BigBee17 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2021  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
thank god
TammyTheRanger Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank God!
cmara Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
I’m trying to find a way to kick out that mutated werewolf guy but I just can’t find an option for some reason.
Pure-Blue-Heart Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It could be that contributors don't have the permissions for it in this group but hopefully this helps~

Step 1: Go to the admin panel
Step 2: Click "Manage Members" it should be in the top left corner of the admin panel
Step 3: Find the "Members" tab and click it
Step 4: Find the user
Step 5: Click the little dropdown arrow by the user's name (it'll be before their name)
Step 6: Select "Kick Out.."

if you have the permissions, it should kick the user
cmara Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
Iíve done the first two steps but it doesnít show me to Ďkick out someoneí, just editing things here and there
Pure-Blue-Heart Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah yeah it's because the founder didn't give permissions to anyone below them in rank. That means only the founder can kick them :c
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