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Here is a little Introduction into the Nexonivv Universe..

The Meothynian people are Advanced Carbon based Humanoid Mammalians with Feline Features.
Their Homeworld is Nivvas the 3rd plant orbiting Nivelln 1.
Nivvas is a ocean world slightly bigger then Earth and at a orbit of Sol 1's Mars.
It is populated by a few main landmasses that have enormous Mountains spanning into the Stratosphere, the rest of the ocean is dotted by small Archipelagos.
The land areas of Nivvas are lush and green even on the icy peaks of Nexonth sky-scraping mountains

Originating from a quite Peaceful Tribal past with only minor skirmishes, they now are a Diverse Species. Many people have become Merchants or run Companys. some have become Pirates and some are Bounty Hunters. many more have joined the Meothynian Empire in its quest to Explore the Universe and Defend the Righteous!

The Meothynians are largely Logical, Kind, and Generous, yet Ruthless and Unpredictable!
They have developed Psyonic abilitys, and most people have some form of Telepathic or Telekinesis, Energy manipulation, Teleportation or other Psychic power.

Most Meothynians study Philosophy and the Sciences or Art and Design or Martial arts and Buddhism. (the Meothynian version of "religion" has aspects closest to earths Buddhism and Zen).
The main Meothynian Religion basically warships Nature.
Meothynians prize nature and kindness to others very highly, and as such "Connection to self is connection to others, when connected to nature you are at peace", is a popular mantra.

The main Nexonivv Values are:
Above all else, Nature, but here are some others
Wisdom, Knowledge, Balance,
Symbiosis, Generosity, Kindness
Communication, Connection, Equality, Loyalty,
Family, Honor, Morals, Suffrage, Functionality,
And of course the Nexonivvian Slogan:
Power of a Collective, Creativity of an Individual.


Please join if your interested in the idea of a Realistic Futurism in a Sci-Fi Universe, or if you have ideas for Tech, Ships, Factions or suggestions on the Lore, and if you just want to hang out and have fun!



No deviants to display.
..And I'd wish everybody a great big happy new earthen year..
But theres just one big problem, and it has to do with the relation between certain words, and numbers.
You see, in the Gregorian Calendar; the calendar in common use by most of the Earth today, there are 12 months, each containing ~30 days, except for February of course. Many of these months have names derived from real people, such as July from Julius Caesar, and August from Gaius Octavius Thurinus, aka Augustus Caesar. But some of these months, have names that seem to be prefixed with numeric words: Some examples are November, and December which are prefixed with nov- and dec- commonly used to denote 9 and 10 respectively.
So if you follow this logic and decide to look at October you'll of course find that Oct means 8 and September has Sep which is a bit of a 7..
Now you may realize why, and agree with me when, I say that the new year should begin in March, with January being the 11th month and February the 12th.
So I'll choose to celebrate the new year twice in the next few months: once in a few hours.. and then again on March 1st, when the new year really should begin, from I think!
p.s. The title of this post is slightly inaccurate for at least these two similar reasons:
The 1st being that 525600 is the number of minutes in a non-leap-year (as 2019 is), and thus astronomically, the center of the Earth has not completed a full orbit of Sol.
The 2nd reason is due to the slowing of the Earths sidereal rotation, as this causes leap-seconds to be added, lest the second become a longer unit of time. The addition of leap-seconds makes 525600 minutes not be the exact amount of time in an Earthen non-leap-year.
- EagleP -
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A Sci-Fi Universe where the Technology, Lore, Science, and more, Realistically makes sense.
A place where the laws of physics (with some leeway) are not overrun with nonsense!

Please join if your interested in the idea of a Sci-Fi Universe for Realistic Futurism
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