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Twilight Sparkle and the Big City Page 137

Page 137. All the studying they'll be having. Way the go Twilight.

Page 138:…

Page 136:…

Page One Beginning:…

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Twily's nothing if not well-prepared.
SgtTex's avatar
Just don't tell Lyra about this!
TimMcJimFromPL's avatar
karkovice1's avatar
I'm surprised Spike didn't complain about getting another major claw cramp. =P
ImafanofTororo's avatar
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All those notes are thicker than two phone books. Is Celestia going to have quite a report. And will the rest of the Mane six be making some discoveries.
Fiveaas's avatar
Hope you make a sequel!
WorldWalker128's avatar
The end?
*Reads description*
Looks like it.
Good story, sir! Good drawings, sir!
Hatchetstein4Real's avatar
Wait, is this the last page?
CCB-18's avatar
I hope not. Let's give it another three...
Dell-AD-productions's avatar
She could make two to three novels with all of her information about the world she went to. 
JohnFlaherty's avatar
Well, if Twi goes for another visit, she better remember to take pictures, not notes. XD
ultramar48921's avatar
oh we have parties pinkie pie. and lots of them and some of them are...interesting
YamiNo-Neko's avatar
Oh, Rainbow; you've known Twilight how long?
Neo-Geno450's avatar
Hmm... I wonder if Twi noted about the human counterparts of the rest of the mane six? =)

That'll certainly surprise 'em. XD
BBBHuey's avatar
She later published her findings...

...And then she got branded as both a liar and a heretic. Bipedal creatures with self-moving wagons? Nature working on its own? Yeah right!

lol! jk xD 
Mr-Plazma's avatar
She musta gottan most of those nights from the Library she visited. XD 
SazerLite's avatar
And that's just volume 1.
MCMXC2's avatar
XvanniX's avatar
Fluttershy and Rarity's Face on the 4th Panel is just so Adorable and Priceless. X3 And Yay! Twilight will Visit Tommy someday again. ^-^
KrytenMarkGen-0's avatar
:giggle: -sigh- You've gotta love her. :) :heart:
ArtisticShyBot's avatar
This is brilliant. Great use of colour.
You draw very neatly, and the handwriting is readable and neat. Keep it up. :)
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