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Mon Jul 7, 2014, 9:24 AM
Taken from Lydia Larue's Official Website, Updated: 9.1.17

1. Will you read my manuscript and help me edit it?

As much as we would love to assist you on your manuscript by editing it, there just isn’t enough time in the day to help you.

The Dark Savior Series is on a deadline, and we need to stick to that deadline. With that in mind, we write one thousand words a day. Most of the time, except one day a week, we spend all day writing. If we answered every request for proof-reading, it would cut into our time writing. We wouldn’t get the Dark Savior Series finished when we wanted. After all, we are authors; we’re not editors.

2. Will you write my manuscript for me?

No, we will not write your manuscript for you. We believe that everyone should do their work.

3.Do you do art trades, requests, or commissions?

We do not do art trades, requests, or commissions at the moment. The reason being is that there is not enough time in the day for that. We are currently working on two trilogies, several stand alone novels, and an epic (12 books).

However, in the future, we might open up requests. It will be one request at a time, however.

4.Can I use your art for random things like forum décor, signatures, avatars?

No. We put too much time into the design of our images to let others use them. Some of the pieces have been commissioned for other artists.

You may draw my characters if you let me know. However, do not claim the characters as your own nor do we allow people to roleplay as them.

5.Can I use your characters in my fanfiction?

Writing fan fiction is a good way to increase one’s technical skill in literature, and we do support those who write it, however, we do not allow any of our characters to be portrayed in another person’s writing. Unless it is a commissioned piece.

6. Do you allow your images to be pinned on Pinterest?

We do allow my images on Pinterest. However, we ask you not to remove the copyright from them. If one does not comply with my request, I will contact Pinterest to take the offending picture down.

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July 7, 2014