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Journal Entry: Sat Dec 1, 2018, 9:23 PM
With the holidays approaching, I don’t have much time to read. I’m busy finishing my Christmas shopping, decorating the tree, and what not. I did manage to read two books.

Happy Holidays 

Best Horror Stories by Muhammad Shoaib
Book Four in a Series

★  ☆☆☆

The writing feels as if it was translated from another language. Mr Shoaib loses much of the suspense that is associated with the horror genre as the collection is hard to understand. I would not recommend.

The Disappearance of the Springfield Three by Ana Benson

★   ☆☆

Benson riddles this book with grammatical inaccuracies, and these errors makes one have to double-down with their focus while reading it. Most of the time, I can overlook the odd error or two, but it lessened my enjoyment. I would recommend this book to someone who is not familiar with the Springfield Three case as almost no new information can be gleaned from it.

Books I am reading in December feature the following: Treasure Island, The Jungle Book, Gulliver's Travels, White Fang, and the Merry Adventures of Robin Hood.

Skin by SimplySilent


Sat Mar 12, 2016, 12:51 PM

Works by dankia

Anders' Rescue by Dankia

Rescue the Crow
A/N: This was inspired by XNAMASSE’s great picture ‘The Capture’, I hope I’ve done it some justice. The link for the picture can be found in the description. Also I am using the picture with his permission. Now betaed by the great vabvioand.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything in Dragon Age but my warden and Hawke.
Zevran turned towards the voice shouting his name and felt a smile pulling at his lips as the Warden-Commander walked up to him.
“So is it true? Are you really getting ready to leave?”
Zevran turned from the worried blond-haired mage and leaned against the Keep’s wall before nodding as he studied the countryside.
“I’m afraid so, my friend. This last attack by the Crows came a little too close for my comfort. It’s time I took this battle to them.”
Turning his head, Zev
Search for the WardenA/N: Before anyone asked, I wrote this in such a way that the reader would be able to picture their warden as the one Zevran is talking/thinking about, if they romanced him or even if they didn't. I may continue this after DAI comes out, especially since I heard that Zevran won't be in the game. This was betaed by the awesome vabvioand.
Disclaimer: I own nothing!
Zevran slowly put down his drink and glared at the man across from him. After the battle at the Kirkwall gallows and once he had made sure that the Champion would be all right, Zevran had left and traveled to a small village to meet one of his contacts. The news that the man had brought him was neither wanted, nor what he was expected to hear.
“What do you mean the Warden is gone?!”
“Just what I said, ser. I went to deliver your letter like we had agreed only to find the entire Keep in an uproar. No one seemed to know why or where the Warden had disappeared to.”
“How lo

Malik beats AltairDisclaimer: I don't own Assassin's Creed.
Malik looked across the rooftops of Jerusalem and seeing no guards gave a sigh of relief. Hearing the faintest of noises behind him, he turned and saw Altair reaching down to pull the lettuce closed and latched it into place. Knowing that the new Rafiq needed time to sort out his new quarters, Malik caught the other’s cowl covered gaze, and jerking his head to the side he took off running. Even missing an arm, Malik still enjoyed the freedom that came from knowing the higher routes of the city, where all he had to worry about was the occasional guard. Turning his head slightly, he could see Altair keeping pace beside him, a soft smile on the newly appointed Grand Master’s face. Feeling an answering smile pulling at his own lips, Malik increased his speed, easily jumping the gaps between the roofs and he soon landed in the walled-off courtyard that the brotherhood used for practice between missions.
“So shall we spar while we w
KaidanKaidan sat down on his bed and placed his head into his hands. After a moment, he let out a frustrated sigh and jerked to his feet, before he started pacing. He had just seen Shepard again after two years of thinking her dead and now he couldn’t get a hold of his emotions. She was with Cerberus! Why hadn’t she come to him? This had to be all his fault! If he had only…only.
With a yell, he turned and punched the wall, his biotics causing a large dent to appear in the metal. Hearing something hit the floor; he looked down and saw a holopic lying on the ground. Kaidan feel to his knees and after staring at it for a few moments, he reached down and picked it up. Turning to lean against the wall, he softly ran his hand over the image as a deep regret and sadness entered his eyes.
In the picture he stood two years younger, his arm around Shepard’s shoulders, while her arm rest around his waist, her other hand showing a peace sign, smiles showing on both their faces.

Cole- The lost year by Dankia


Fri Mar 11, 2016, 10:38 AM

Ginger cat (finished) by ElinorBrushwater

Kid in the rain by ElinorBrushwater Lizzy Bennet watercolour by ElinorBrushwater
Cathartic rain by ElinorBrushwater  Esmeralda by ElinorBrushwater

MM in red by ElinorBrushwater


Fri Mar 4, 2016, 2:45 PM

Rose by Caomha

Gashi-Gashi's Amethyst - Steven Universe by Caomha     Vidalia the Painter - Steven Universe by Caomha     Rad Garnet v1 by Caomha     Ooooh by Caomha

My Beautiful Pearl by Caomha