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September 16, 2007
"I'm Copyright Protected by =NewYorkKid618 is a stamp that'll certainly pass the message. Plus, it has the bonus of being extremely entertaining, very well done and representative of what a great majority of deviant-artists feel about the subject!"
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Suggested by Helewidis
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I'm Copyright Protected

EDIT! Come to my new account and fave the stamp there please!!!!
=de-Mote- MY NEW ACCOUNT!!!
[link] -Fave the stamp here PLEASE!

Oh and to everyone who is gonna watch this account DONT! you wont be seeing ANYTHING from it, if you do wanna see great emoticons then please what my new account! =de-Mote

Also get an emoticon CSS! [link]

This is for all of you who want to protect your art, put this in your journal to be certified you have copyright protection on your art!

This has so far happened to me =Droneguard and ALL other emoticonists with the little incident with the forum site that was using atleast one of each emoticonist on dA

:salute:PROTECT YOUR ART:salute:

EDIT: WTF?! 53 faves, this only has been out for a day and a half!!! Not even my emoticoaster got this many!

OMFG A DDDDDDDD! BUT AHHHHHH I DON'T USE THIS ACCOUNT!!!! :cries: PLEASE ALL FAVE HERE!!! [link] I really appricate it! :cry: I feel sad but happy!
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Wonderful!!! I just had a piece basically copied and put in their gallery just like they designed the whole thing. What really pissed me off was that they got a comment on how wonderful their work was. I was going to write to the person who wrote the comment and say that's my piece you like but I thought that was petty of me. I refuse to allow anyone else to steal my work. I love your great stamp and have favorited it. 
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Technically a right twards your art is implied, you dont need a copyright, theres solid evidence it is your art,hate to burst your bubble, whew, anyways great stamp.
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if you mean, that DA is protecting your artworks, thats not true... the carrieng a shit about our works...
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:iconwthplz: Someone better not have stolen my shit. Heads are gonna roll if I find out they have. I took hours and days of my life to write these stories for people to enjoy, then you're gonna take them and say that yu did it, no uh-uh. :iconmurder:
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How ironic would it be if this was ever stolen? Holy shit that would be something. :iconwthplz:
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nice but nothing is fully protected on the web.
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Great and funny animation, also cool message. I'm using this. :D
IvanaKC's avatar
I am asking for permission to use this stamp. can I?
Hypermagictacomanga's avatar
:thumb62808336: AAARRRRRGGGG!!!!
Hypermagictacomanga's avatar
How do you use this?!?!!?!?!?
PaulDavis's avatar
You can only use them in your journal, if you have a sub. ;)
PaulDavis's avatar
You can use them in news and thumb share forums as well, without a sub. =]
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I love this version more than the other but theyre both r still awsome!!! :+fav:s both
AeneaKeats's avatar
Actually i can't use it, but i think you made a toooo funny stamp! XD
Compliments! :clap: :clap: :clap:
Peppermint-Tutor's avatar
Actually you can ONLY ON YOUR BIO !!! :thumb62808336:
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